A little panicky


We leave in 32 days and I still not received ANYTHING from Disney about our vacation. I did call and the CM told me that Disney doesn’t send out anything until a couple of weeks before its time for us to leave. I am thinking I have gotten stuff way before on all my other vacations. Am I be a little crazy here?? My mom and step-dad are going in Oct, and she got something in her mail a few weeks ago… :blink::blink:


You mean a confirmation slip or do you mean ME stuff? If you mean confirmation, I’d be worried too. Did you check online? I’d want to have something in black and white I could point to.


I always rec my paperwork about 2 weeks after I make my final payment. ME usually comes 2 to 3 weeks before we are to leave. I would call Disney and ask for them to get on it. They can see if it was mailed or when its due to be mailed. I would also request a manager. Sometimes the CM just want to tell you whatever to get you off the phone.


My last trip in April, I had only received the Magical Express stuff. I called and the cm told me I was sent the confirmation via e-mail (which I did). I told him, no I was looking for the confirmation through regular mail. He told me they don’t do that anymore if you provide an e-mail address. Only if you request a confirmation by mail.


I’ve been getting e-mail confirmations for all of my reservations for quite some time now and as soon as that confirmation comes, I both save the mail and also print out that confirmation.
What cracks me up is very close to the arrival date, I get a mailing from Disney Travel telling me my vacation is coming soon and offering to make suggestions as well as including a pamphlet with the four park maps.
Of course, my dining reservations have been made long before this arrives and I’ve got a much better idea of what I’ll be doing than they’ll be suggesting.
And the letter is a form letter anyway, modified slightly for each resort and including some pictures of the resort you’re staying at.
If you have any specific questions, I’d suggest you call CRO and speak with a human.


I have received nothing through the snail-mail. I did receive a e-mail confirmation but that is it. I like to keep a Disney folder with our stuff in it.


The last couple of trips that’s all I’ve gotten. I didn’t get the usual paper in the mail so the next time I called I asked and was told they are only sending emails unless you ask. Are you using Magical Express? That paperwork usually goes out 3 weeks before your trip.


Are they still sending out the packet with the vouchers for golf and planet hollywood and the luggage certificates?


Yes, if you book a package.


Great! I guess I wasn’t reading this thread correct. I was starting to get worried.


We just got our package last week with our luggage tags etc. We’re leaving May 31. So I guess we got it about 26 days out.


:eek:ok now that makes me nervous!!! We leave on the 28th and we have NOTHING!!!:blink: We booked thru a travel agent, does that make a difference? We have not even recieved an email confirmation!?!? Should I be concerned??:ohmy:


I must be on the Disney mail list! :eek:

I got a confirmation letter, then my package info, then about 4 or 5 emails welcoming me back and telling me about all the exciting “new” things to see and do and mine was ONLY a weekend trip! :blink:

If you haven’t gotten ANYTHING, I would call them asap!!


What is magical express? I booked a package… I will keep watching the mail.


Magical Express is the complimentary bus service from the airport to the resorts.


Wow Brandon, just saw you have 2 days to go! Have fun and “Happy Birthday”!!


I’d check on line for your reservation, etc. Do you have a confirmation number?? If you have that number that would make me feel better. Personally, I would get on line and print everything out to have a hard copy.


I agree with Frank I would get online and check everything out to make sure they have everything but I am just over parinoid.


>>I would get online and check everything out to make sure they have everything but I am just over paranoid.<<
That’s not being paranoid, that’s being smart. Having verification for Disney when you show up “at the front door” never hurts.
A funny (now) story… bunch of years ago, on Easter Sunday we were staying at the Beach Club and had a dining reservation for 2:30pm @ Cape May. We came back from MGM around 130pm and noticed that Cape May was totally empty. By now, I figured they’d be at least setting tables, etc. A CM was at the Cape May podium, so I stopped to ask when dining started. He told me 530, like always. I told him I had a reservation for 230. He basically laughed and said it was impossible. So I pulled out my sheet with ALL my dining reservation numbers and politely asked him to check their system. He suddenly had this look of panic on his face. He confirmed that I did indeed (not to mention how many others) had 230 reservations. Without that hard copy, I’d have been stuck. I was asked to come back at 530, even though they were fully booked, we’d be seated. Ended up coming back at 530, he wasn’t there and we were told to get lost. Again, showed a new CM the sheet with the number and he too was a bit panicky. Lucky for us, the original CM who happened to be the Cape May manager happened along. We not only got the seat, but the entire meal on the house…Moral of the story… print the hard copy!!!


I received all my stuff in the mail today and included in the package was a card for 30 mins free arcade play. My DS loves that! I am feeling better now. :smiley: