A Little Trip Report


Hi everyone! I just wanted to write about a couple of things I thought were noteworthy. First of all thanks to all of you that told us about birthday celebrations. We got the pin for our DS and wow! He was greeted by almost every CM in the MK. He had a lot of fun. He also received an autographed and personalized greeting card from Mickey. Crowds seemed to be higher than usual for this time of year. MK was always packed but the other parks were at least tolerable. The “new” attractions that were brought in for the celebration were awesome. We rode on Soarin’ nearly every evening. Fast Pass is a must fot that one. We are sad that we are back, but we can start planning for the next trip (maybe Jan 2007). By the way, Cavey we got your hat you were wanting. Thanks again everyone for all the great information! :tongue:


Glad you had a great time and were able to enjoy the birthday greetings!

Neither myself nor DS will ever know the joy of a Disney birthday- that’s what happens when your birthday coincides with Spring Break! :laugh:

So how early in the day were the fastpasses gone for Soarin’?


Thats great you had a wonderful time!!! :mickey: What hotel did you stay in?
Soarin’ is soo amazing isn’t it! I could ride it every single day! :smile:
Welcome home, now it’s time to start the planning all over again tee hee


We would get to Epcot around 4:30 or so and get a fast pass for Soarin’ right away. Our return time was always around 8:30 or so. The stand by time was never under 60 minutes. I coudn’t imagine what it would be like during the “on” season. We stayed at the ASMovies. It was the second time staying there. You can’t beat the value of the resort but it seemed like it was always the last station to get the bus at the parks. I think we might go back to the moderate rsorts next time. We enjoyed Coronodo last time we were there.


I’m so glad you had such a great trip, and that your DS had a great birthday!! :slight_smile:

Soarin is my new favorite ride! It’s amazing! I loooove the smell when you go over the river.


woo hoo from baloo on having a great time!! That birthday wishes thing is pretty cool…I did it last time with Pj…


So glad to hear you had a great time! Especially with a special birthday! I agree–Soarin’ is amazing–gotta love it!


See now THIS is why you are rapidly becoming my favorite cousin. YOU ROCK!

I’ll see you at the family Christmas party this Saturday, and Lil’ & I want ALL the details (and pictures)!!!

BTW, your mom babysat the kids for us the other day. She was a bit frazzled when we picked them up. :tongue:


people who get to celebrate birthdays at WDW are just soo lucky!!! sounds like you had a really good time :slight_smile:


I love that you have a countdown clock already started.

How old is your son? Isn’t having lots of people say happy birthday the greatest?


I couldn’t stand not having another countdown added to my posts :smile: We are thinking maybe going on the Disney cruise next time but we keep getting drawn back to the WDW resort. It’s like some electro-magnetic energy keeps bringing us back. Our son turned 8 while down there. He was a little embarrassed by all the attention and wanted to take the button off! He actually got kissed by Cinderella (He was not to fond of that but I would have gladly worn the button for a kiss from the princess):wub:We actually had this picture taken of us so that I could make it our avitar. What do you think?




I’m really hoping Scott typed that last post. :tongue: