A look inside The Land


The Land looks amazing. I cannot wait to see what WDI has done with the rest of the pavilion. It looks fantastic.


Wow thanks for the link coasterman! It does look INCREDIBLE! :eek: I can’t wait to take a look at it in person. It looks like they did a beautiful job. :heart:


Pretty Kewl!! :cool:


Wow! That looks great, it’s a shame I have to wait until December!
Thanks for the link.


Thanks for the hook up!
I am gonna miss that beautiful fountain.


Thanks for the link, it looks great. We haven’t been in The Land in years–I think we will have to change that this summer.


Wow! It really looks great!
Thanks for the link.


I’ve never been to EPCOT, are there any before pictures?


Great! I haven’t been to the land for years either, DT; can’t wait to see the changes!!


Awesome!! It looks so good!
The boat ride through the greenhouses is still there right? For some reason I always liked that ride. :slight_smile: