A Look into the Yearbook



I read this article this morning. GO READ EVERYONE!! It looks GREAT!


Hey thanks for the link! :smile:


you’re welcome. i just thought everyone would be interested in the article about the yearbook.


I already ordered the yearbook :tongue:


YAY, me too FireAngel!! I am SO excited!!! :biggrin: When are we suppose to get it?


I think sometime in April…:huh:


I just cant wait to see it :biggrin: plus watch the DVD!!!


I can’t decide wheater to order the soft-cover or the hard-cover with the 4 lithographs and the DVD…$49.95 is ALOT of money but ahhhhh $24.95 is a good price, but I wonder if I’ll really want that DVD? :eek:


I don’t know Tessa, that DVD looks REALLY awesome :angel: Then aqgain, you are going to have to save money to go on your big adventure. Only you can vhoose, but I did get the hard-cover/DVD. :tongue: