A Magical Trip – even with Pinkeye!



Dee (me)
Jim (DH)
MissSMIG (DD 16)

Our adventure always starts off the day before the flight we spend the night at my parents house who are 10 minutes from Newark airport. With HollyLynne and Hunter staying home (HollyLynne really couldn’t go with us, first because Hunter is so young and secondly she really couldn’t afford to take the time off from school), my parents arrived at my house around noon to help with little Hunter while HollyLynne went to school and worked. When they arrived, we spent time talking and finished with the last minute packing.

MissSMIG got home from school around 3pm, I knew that Jim would be home around 4, he would want to shower and change before leaving for his mother’s house (we decided to stop by and have dinner with her before heading to my parents house). With hugs and kisses given to my parents, HollyLynne and little Hunter we were off to NJ around 5pm.

DH decided to take the long way to his mother’s house, I am glad that he did, we heard that there was major traffic on the alternate routes. Anyway, we got to MIL house around 6pm and went off for pizza… there is a small restaurant near my MIL house that makes the greatest thin crust pizza. After dinner, we dropped MIL off at her house and drove up to my parents house (a 10 minute trip).

We were suppose to park our car in the garage, but of course our car is longer than Dad’s so we had to park in the driveway. We got into the house, after having some problems with the keys (always check the keys after they are cut), and then settled in for the night.

Day 1 – September 26, 2009

The cab was to arrive between 5 and 5:15 am – so I was up at 4 am to make sure that everything was ready. DH got up with no problem – but MissSMIG she didn’t want to get up, she finally got up too a quick shower and off to the airport.

We got thru security pretty quickly and was at the gate by 6ish (am). Plane bordered and we were off to MCO.

MissSMIG was suppose to start her homework, but she didn’t want to, but she promised to work on it during the week (okay – I thought to myself, knowing that she wasn’t going to do anything while on vacation – she did have all day Sunday after our return to do her homework).

We arrived in MCO just a little earlier than expected. We were off to the main terminal – we got on the tram and that’s when it hit me “I was in FL and I am off to DISNEY”… DH said the smile on my face was priceless.

We headed towards the magical express, boarded the bus to CSR (we waited for about 10 minutes which wasn’t bad at all). The bus ride was very relaxing, our driver was extremely humorous, he was telling us different stories about DISNEY and some great facts which I didn’t know.
What are Daisy’s nieces names… April, May and June – I didn’t know that.

We have two stops before arriving at CSR – Animal Kingdom Lodge and then Animal Kingdom DVC. DH was impressed with both he said we might look into them for our next trip (which isn’t for a few years).

We finally arrived at CSR, I knew that our room wasn’t going to be ready, so when they told us that our room would be ready around 3:30 pm (it was about 11:00am) it was alright with us. We were in the Rancho 6B room 6753.

We checked our carryon with the hotel and headed off to DHS.

We waited for about 5 minutes for the DHS bus, and before I knew it we were standing in front of the entrance – MissSMIG wanted to on her own, that’s fine with us. So what is our game plan, knowing that Toy Story would be packed and there would probably be no fast passes left. Well I was right there was a 60 minute wait and fastpasses were gone for the day…. That’s okay! DH and I headed over to Backstage tour, then wandered around awhile, I got a text from MissSMIG saying that Star Tours had a 5 minute wait so we headed over toward her, we were getting hungry. I wanted to get something to eat at ABC’s.

We catch up with MissSMIG and headed over towards ABC to get some food. On our way there, we spotted the Green Army Guys, we hung around and watched the show. They were so funny, I enjoyed them.

After the show, we headed to ABC’s – the line was short, DH got the fish and chips, MissSMIG got the currey and I got the chicken sandwich, which was very good.

After lunch we headed to the GMR – this is the first time that we got a girl as a driver, and a plus the gangster was a girl too, they were both very good. After GMR we headed over to Muppets 3D – after the show I got a text that our room was ready – we knew what room we had so we decided to head over to the hotel and get unpacked but first we had to ride either Tower of Terror or Rock’n Rollercoaster. RRC had a 40 minute wait so we headed over to TOT no wait we walked right now.

MissSMIG wanted to hang out in DHS a little longer, we had ADRs at 7pm at Chef de France, so we told her to meet us in EPCOT at 6pm.

It was about 3pm so, DH and I headed to CSR, DH got off at Bus Stop 4 thinking it was close to our room, I got off at Bus Stop 1 and grabbed our carryon’s. I got to the room DH was waiting and so was our luggage. DH wanted to take a dip in the pool, but I wanted to unpack. And that’s what we did. I finished unpacking and around 5:30 headed off to EPCOT, we meet up with MissSMIG in France – it was around 6pm – I checked into Chef de France and we waited for our table. The World Showcase was PACKED. MissSMIG wanted to wonder around the world for a while after dinner, both DH and I agreed, no there were too many people drinking and I would worry about her safety. Keep in mind she is only 16. So they called our name and we were seated. What a lovely place, the food was wonderful. We all had the onion soup which was wonderful, DH and I had the ribs (OH MY they were great) and MissSMIG had the pasta. I don’t even remember what we had for dessert, but everything was wonderful.

It was around 8ish (pm) when we were done, and we decided to head to the hotel to get some sleep. We were all up early. DH decided to take another dip in the pool, and I just got comfortable to a well needed rest.

We knew that we were going to have a full day on Sunday so I wanted to be as rested as possible.

More later… I will also post pictures soon, I need to download them into photobucket.

Day 2 – We’ll call it the pinkeye day… :eek:


Welcome home. Hope you had a great rest of visit!


Turned out great after a mental melt down… great meeting you and your little princess.


Stop yacking and get some photos up there missy.


Give me time Mr. Bossy pants


Can’t wait to see pics!


working on them now…


Here are some pictures from Day 1 – 09/26/2009

MissSMIG on ME

Stop #1

Stop # 2

My home for a week…

Sorry – I thought I got the whole sign till just now….


Disney Hollywood Studios


Very nice - continue…


oooh yay!!!
sorry about the pink eye :frowning:


great start… looking forward to more…


awesome start ~ love the pictures!!

was great following your trip on facebook ~ i love all the pictures you posted!


Welcome home. Can’t wait for the rest.


Hope the pinkeye was just a small blip on the radar! Can’t wait to see more pics!


Great start. I can’t wait for the rest. Great pics so far. Glad the pink eye did not ruin your trip.


A few more pictures from Day 1 – Backstage Tour


And here are some more…. Let me know when you want me to stop…


I love all the pics of the GMR! One of my favorite rides!


Stop…just kidding…Looking at your pictures, I’m thinking “how come I never thought to take those pictures”. I think the only time I took a non-family non-character pictures was when we were at a 2 BR at BCV. I took about 15 pictures of the room. :laugh: I don’t think I’ve ever saw the army men. What part of HS do they appear?