A month to go panic


I am going through my normal “do I have enough money” panic that I do before every WDW trip. Convince me that $100 spending money is enough every day please so I can stop obsessing over it. I am on the DDP, so this will just be for fun money. Thanks…be back after work and hope you all have really good arguements that I have enough to play with…lol


With the DDP, more than enough.
No worries!


Dana, the more we go, the less we spend on souvenirs. We have noticed a lot of repeats merchandise wise, each year that we go. I really think you will be fine with $100 per day. It’s only you and your daughter, right?


I would think that would be fine but I am like you and I worry if I have enough to thats why I am making a list and checking it twice.


Dana, $100 a day sounds like plenty to me.


Does that $100 include tip money for meals? I’m assuming you’re not going to buy diamonds while at disney. A shirt or two, maybe a couple of pins, a few extra snacks and some bottles of water, still I think a 100 a day is plenty.


$100 is plenty. Chances are you won’t spend that much everyday. Then you’ll have a little more to spend the next day. :cheshire:


Since you are on the dining plan I think $100 a day is plenty. Less than $ 20 will go toward tips so that leaves more than $80 per day for snacks and a few little things. You won’t spend that every day so that leaves a little more toward the end of the week.


Dana, I am sure you will be ok. Like everyone had said it is more then enough.


OMG yes, that should be enough, unless you drink a bunch of fancy, shmanzy girly drinks every day :laugh:


Wow! $100 a day spending money would be more than enough for us, and there are 5 of us! We don’t spend more than $40 a day extra and that was for all 5 of us!


okay, now you’ve got me panicking!! We leave in 3 weeks and I was planning on $100 day and we are not on the DDP! :eek:


Boss Mouse tip #76847: Buy cheap wine, the hang over will keep you from spending money the next day.

Your welcome.


Your money will be tight if you also plan on paying for food out of those $100.

The cost for food at Disney adds up quickly.


Dana thats more than enough with the DDP! I doubt you will spend that much every day?


Sounds like you are locked and loaded to me. DDP + $100 per day = good to go! Have a blast.


Um, thats what I have budgeted and I had not even considered that was not enough!?!

I am sure that is going to be plenty of money. As long as you are smart with your spending.



Is the $100 a day food and spending money? How many people are you feeding?

We are a family of 3 with a picky 10 year old who only eats ‘kid’ food and we budget $150 a day for food. That includes a sit down meal, a counter service meal, water all day in the parks, and snacks for all of us. Some days it’s too much but other days it’s right on, it really depends on where we eat our sit down meal that day. Our lunch at Garden Grill the other day cost $58 with tip, things add up quickly.


Or bring alot of beer and Vodka.:laugh:


Sounds like you’re right on track. Do not panic, you’re a pro and you already know that $100 is plenty. You’re just rethinking it. You are good to go.