A new Disney Game


Now this isn’t a whole new Kingdom hearts here, it’s a brand new game coming (and this is just speculation at this point) to the Wii.

This Looks Like Art From Warren Spector’s “Steampunk” Disney Game - Steampunk DIsney - Kotaku

I know it might be a little strange looking, but I’m all for it. It’s a fresh look into a game for Disney, and it seems like they’re adding elements from the park!


omg i <3 it!!

chants “please be and mmo…please be an mmo…”


I’m not much of a gamer, but that looks pretty cool. I like that they’re incorporating the parks.


whoa. :blink: I think that game would give me nightmares.
Actually, I don’t think I’d need to play the whole game. That Country Bear robot alone would do it.


Very cool looking.


That looks neat!