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Disney Signs Deal for Third Paris Theme Park - AOL Travel News


Very interesting. Glad to see Disney Paris grow. It says they have 20 years (until 2030) to complete it though. I just wish my Euro Disney stock would do something!


I’m still waiting for Disney’s Coaster Kingdom to be built in Orlando.


I agree! I would love to see a park filled with thrill rides and have the entire park themed around villians. A water ride for Ursula. A serious coaster for Malificent. The villians need their own turf and it could be built to rival Universal.


Think of the revenue Disney would rake in…not like they don’t already…but, really, they so need to expand, and what a great idea!!! Where do I sign up??? lol


they need to build a resort in san antonio that’s been rumored for like ages :slight_smile:


I keep saying that a near perfect coaster/theme combination would be a B&M flying coaster (like Manta at Sea World) themed as Peter Pan’s Flight. And before anyone wonders how you’d do something like that, take a look at Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens Williamsburg where they have a suspended coaster that roars through German villages. It should be no trouble building a forced perspective London for a Peter Pan ride, especially with a $50 million budget (which is half of the cost of Everest).


They should build something in the Philadelphia region. Or maybe oht by Amish Country!!! Omg, I’d never leave Lol


your a coaster fan soundgod? spewwww! ick :blow: i get sick just thinking about those kinda rides!


I only like easy ones like EE and Thunder Mountain. Anything faster than that,NO WAY!!


Looks like WGJ can’t handle real G’s. :blow::crying::eek: Too bad. One less person in line infront of the rest of us.


Wah! “They should build something in the Philly region”

Dorney Park, HersheyPark, and Great Adventure are all closer to Philly than WDW/Orlando is to us in South Florida, which is 150-250 miles away.

Does anyone remember the uproar over Disney’s projected Revolutionary Period theme park planned for Northern Virginia?
I’ve never seen a more unwanted Disney project, save the 7th direct to video animation feature in a series that ran out of steam after the first sequel:pirate:


And I could kick myself for never having the guts to ride the Cyclone or (now destroyed) Thunderbolt when I had the chance.
It’s an acquired taste I guess. But there are millions of people that want, need, and love these big rides and they are always a park’s marquee attraction.


Oh I agree. I get my fix up here being only 3 hours from the greatest coaster park in the world, Cedar Point, so that helps but would love a fix at WDW too.


It’s a shame that this thread got moved to the Disneyland Paris forums.
Not that the opening post isn’t about DLP, but because we’ve so successfully hijacked the thread to our desires for a new Orlando Disney thrill park.


It’s a one hour flight for me to Paris, but I have never had any desire to go to DLP-My Disney World is in the USA-I’m sure DLP is brill, but for me Disney’s real home is America.


way old thread here I know and a long time since my Dixie posted but just found it so Ima postin’ anyway!!! I just couldnt agree more with her. DLP is so ridiculously close to me but I will always choose USA over France evry single time. Its in my blood and my heart