A new Toll-free dining number!


Moderators,maybe this can be a sticky!!

I came across a toll-free number on disboards.com;it is 800-711-4344. I have used it a few times already and it works fine.:happy:


I’m tucking that one in my Disney book/file!! Thanks for the info.


Just called myself to check it out and it looks good, only for dining it seems…but I could be wrong.
Consider it stuck.


OOOh thanks for the number. We’ll be sure to put this one in our Disney book!


Thanks for following through on my suggestion.
This is good to know.


Oh this is so cool. All the times I change my times etc it is so awesome to have.

Thanks for letting us know.



Very good to have this number. Now i can call from work and not get in trouble.


It’s always nice to save a little bit of money before you go on a Disney trip so that you have more to spend while you’re there!!:laugh: Thanks for the toll-free number.


Thanks for the number. Is the other toll free number (877) still good, or did they replace it? Anyone know?


The other toll free number was still working last night for reservations and dining.


You’re welcome,all. In this day and age,there is no excuse for Disney not to have a toll-free number that is widely known. After all,there must be many like me who still don’t have unlimited long distance on their phones,be it cell or land lines.


I’ve got free long distance on my cell phone, but reception in the house is bad, especially at my desk. That’s the biggest reason I call on a land line.