A picture-y, scandalous trip to the F&GF!


Just got home last night!

Hang onto your hats… I am putting together a TR from the first days of the F&GF, plus some good scoop about tequila, sushi and hot-tubbing.

To get started, here’s a quick attachment from this week – an awesome artist working on the back of a huge sand castle, and a shot of the front, unbelievable!:


They were amazing huh? I too am working on a tr, but I might need a day to recover.


Welcome back! can’t wait to hear and see all about it, love the sand castle sculptor, so talented.


OK, first, let’s get to some SCANDAL!

Let me start by saying that I consider myself to be a drinker.

(OK, not the best opener for a family site. Let me try again.)

Let me start by saying that I enjoy the occasional cocktail with gusto.

(WAY better!)

That said, I was unprepared for the deliciousness of the offerings at Cava de Tequila! There is nothing watered down about these magnificent tequilas and margaritas. We tried plenty of them, all through the week, and each was more delicious than the first.

One of the best was the classic margarita with the “tajin” powder on the rim. Tajin is a seasoning of ground chiles, lime and salt, and it is positively addictive. You can buy a bottle of it in the gift shop to bring home for your own margarita creations. Also good on fruit!

So now that we are all on the same page about the tajin spice, I can blame the whole mess of our first day on it! RIGHT?

OK, I have long heard about fabled tales of “Beers Around The World,” so I thought that “Margaritas Around The World, Or at Least Near Mexico” sounded like a terrific idea and a great way to kick off the trip!

It was already a blazing hot day, so I started with a nice, easy pomegranate margarita inside the Cava. (And hey everyone, if you follow Cava on Twitter, you can also get $5 shots) It was such a delicious, refreshing, seemingly innocuous drink that I grabbed a blood orange margarita to go. The flavor was terrific, and the “go cups” are gi-normous!

It was terrific all the way to Germany, where we suddenly decided that we were feeling so good (off of two, count them, a mere TWO, cocktails!) that a buffet was in order.

Now, it was a hot day, and the drinks were large, especially the ones ordered to go. But even a huge Biergarten buffet that included many trips through the food line and plenty of pretzel rolls (including some pilfered for later) couldn’t make the trip back to the bus very easy. Had to take a couple of breaks on benches just to rest up along the way. We were focused on acting normal.

I felt like a total amateur, albeit a happy one. Ran out of steam just in time to fall asleep poolside at SSR.

P.S. The margaritas at SSR paled by comparison to those at Cava. Discovered that fact when we woke from our naps a little later – sunburned and starving. Enjoyed the heck out of that day, though it cost us a few hours that night. :blink:

Remember, I blame the tajin.


That sounds like the perfect day for me too!


And while we are on the topic of margaritas… Paradiso 37 (Street Food of the Americas) at DTD also has a huge, delicious tequila/margarita menu.

Favorites included the Heradura Reposado, a new kind of tequila for us and quite flowery and tasty! Disney sure has stepped up its efforts to appreciate the cactus! LOL :laugh:

The guacamole at Paradiso 37 was also very, very good and fresh. Also of note was a shop across the sidewalk from Paradiso 37 – it is called Apricot Lane, and it is filled with darling clothes for the high school and college set, all at very reasonable prices!

One last note of alcoholic interest: the Hat Lady at Rose & Crown, who entertains in the evenings next to the bar, just got engaged – stop by and wish her happy nuptials, and she’ll sing a happy wedding song for you!


OK, back to the F&GF – because this was the first week, there were some things still being set up, and others were in full swing. The butterfly tent was terrific, though we were there during a bit of rain, and the butterflies were hiding out.

It was very interesting to see that butterflies of a particular variety seemed to be attracted to a certain bush. For instance the brown ones (don’t know any butterfly names, sorry!) all sat on the bush with yellow flowers, and the monarchs went to the bush with dark red flowers. Cool! :happy:


The jasmine was just beginning to bloom, and it looked as though the jasmine bushes had been pruned back quite a bit, especially around the water’s edges. However, the orchids at Mexico were thick with blooms, and they were collecting huge crowds. :heart:


The rest of the park was decorated in the F&GF bright colors, and it was really fun to watch the people who had never been to Epcot at this time of year enjoy the amazing topiaries and the jungle gyms, etc.


REALLY enjoying your TR so far. I :heart: the tequilla bar in Mexico. It’s so hard to find Blue Correlajo around here but of course they have it there. First time i’ve ever had a salsa chaser with a shot instead of just lime/salt.
Oh, and the flowers look fantastic too :wink:


Lovin’ your TR so far! I can’t wait to read more!


I interrupt this TR to show photos of the MK progress, taken over the fence from the “Pooh queue” – the new section looks more exciting than I could have dreamed, and it reminds me of the very best parts of DP’s scale and beauty!!!



OK, on with the show.

Next up, check this cool card out. It is what you get when you enter the parks and your room key is demagnetized! You get this little baby and you can use it to get your FPs.

The thought of having a pocketfull of these is pretty appealing! For this particular photo, I actually practically tackled the family that used it and asked if I could photograph it. Right now, they are out there somewhere in America, telling the story of their own vacation, and how this really weird woman harrassed them for a photo of their FP. :eek:


Wait - what’s the purpose of the Fastpass Card? Does everyone get it? Or just people who have the plastic room keys?


:laugh: Loving your TR! We’ll be at Disney next week, and I’m really looking forward to the Flower and Garden Festival! The pics are great! :happy:


[QUOTE=LittleMissMagic;1104225]Wait - what’s the purpose of the Fastpass Card? Does everyone get it? Or just people who have the plastic room keys?


:laugh: Loving your TR! We’ll be at Disney next week, and I’m really looking forward to the Flower and Garden Festival! The pics are great! :happy:[/QUOTE]

It is only given out to people who are using their room keycard as their park pass, but it has become demagnetized once they are in the park. If your card is messed up before you enter the turnstile, you can go to GS and they will issue you a whole new room keycard with the pass built in. But once you ar ein the park and your card is messed up, you get one of these.


OK,this TR is already very scrambled anyway, so let me throw one more story into the mix! Below you will see the view from our room, Saratoga Springs #8311. Now, it is a beautiful 2-bedroom villa overlooking the golf course. It’s in the Grandstand section, which is the first bus stop in the evening. It is perfect.


it is right nest to the Electrical Room. That means there is a LOUD pulsing all the time. And when the ACs or heaters in the building get going full blast, the pulsing becomes so loud that it actually causes vibrations in the walls, which creates a louder whine. We all thought it must be the fire alarm, or maybe the refrigerator was broken. At some point during almost each night, we all moved around the villa, trying to find the source of the noise. Lost sleep at night, very frustrating. Notified the front desk twice and got no results.

But here is the good part: Below us, down two floors, was a family with two kids who played outside all the time and had very hilarious conversations together all the time. The funniest and cutest was a conversation that ensued after they and chased a lizard halfway up the wall, just out of reach. One kid told the other that now he had gone and done it, wrecked everything because he was being so loud that the lizard was going deaf. And then the other kid barked back that lizards don’t have ears and that everyone knows it. The whole thing went back and forth, getting more and more creative and nearing kid-hysteria, for quite some time. We got a huge laugh out of this, and the lizard never budged from his spot about 7 feet up… :laugh:


Awww, I am so excited to see a MissDisney TR!!! Beautiful pics, love the butterflys and flowers! So pretty!!!


:laugh: In case anyone was wondering why we all had to stand up while dining at Chefs de France, it’s because of this jeune homme:


I totally heart you and want to visit WDW with you someday! What a TR that would be! ::laugh:


[QUOTE=dixie;1104204]That sounds like the perfect day for me too![/QUOTE] Dixie, you’re my kind of gal!