A piece of a disney ride


if you could have any part of a disney ride that you ride in which would it be?..I’d take the lead part of a old monorail, lol, dont know what i’d do with it but i would love to have one


I’d like to have a working Pirate from POC right at my front door greeting people! :laugh:


Remember that big news story that someone stole Madam Leota from HM? Well… :redface:


I want both of the vultures from Splash Mountain to be perched above my doorway, taunting people who enter! :wink:


Hmmm…does it have to be a ride piece or could it be a little something from one of the buildings/structures in the resort/parks?


Anything from inside the Haunted Mansion. It would go with my decor!


Seems like I remember a thread where someone had Madame Leotta’s head pinned to their chest…

Who was that??? :huh:


:wink: :tongue:


Good question! I’d want Statler and Waldorf from Muppets 3D! Not really a “ride,” but…


Well anyone hasnt yet answered my question so I’ll just go ahead and post something that I would want to own from a structure or two from the parks - Disneyland park - A piece of Sleeping Beauty Castle, DCA - A piece of the Tower of Terror.


The painted barn side that says “Everything is Satisfactual” from Splash Mountain.


ok well i just got home sorry anaheimboy :slight_smile: well anything i guess since its gone that way lol


I want the berm plaque. No question.


I would like a bottle of that lovely greenish brown water from the jungle cruise…woo hoo from baloo!!


I would want one of the Teacups. If I could get all of it I would! Lanterns and all!!


Me too! The teacups, all of 'em and the drunk mouse that pops out of the tea pot! :tongue:


I want those little singing possums in dresses hanging in Splash Mtn! I’d put a tree in my room for them to hang on and teach them to sing to me when I come home from class. Everyone on campus would want to come see them. Besides the fact that they’re such great singers, the cuteness factor is through the roof.


I want Expedition Everest–the whole thing–in my back yard.


Not if I get it first :pirate: :pirate:

I’d love to have a grave stone from the outdoor section of the haunted mansion queue. They have some pretty clever stuff on them. And Harold from the Matterhorn! (the abominable snow man)I’d love to have him in my room.

One more thing, I want a hitch-hiking ghost installed in my bathroom mirror.


I first thought of the Partners statue, but it belongs at Disneyland :heart:

So, I think I’d like one of the little turtles from the Electrical Parade. It would be fun to zip up to 7-11 at night in it, lol.


The chair that Ariel sits on in her Grotto!!! I’d sit there every day to eat my cereal :biggrin:

(good thread! I love reading what everyone wants!)