A Piece of advice


I was just reading through a post about teh size of ones cild and tehre was a response about how important it was to have a passport/or some other form of ID to verify a childs age.

577Nitro, I think it was you who posted about a kidnapping that had occurred at WDW and how the passport came in handy in getting that child back to their parents unharmed.

Well, I just wanted to tell all of you with children about something a friend of mine had suggested while we were talking about how all you have to do is turn your head for a second, and they can be gone," etc… I mentioned that I was going to be a crazy woman at WDW about keeping tabs on my 2 & 3 year old. Well, to make an already long story short. She said that everyday that they were there (or anywhere else they go on family vacations) she would take a picture of her children individually before they left the resorts so that if anything were to God forbid happen she would have a most recent/up to date picture to give the security.

I thought that this was a great idea. Yes, a little nerotic, but when it comes to our children no one can be to safe. I just thought I would share it, especially when I read that post. who knows, this little piece of advice may help save our children!


This will also help you remember exactly what they were wearing that particular day when a description is needed.


Good advice. Luckily, I’m a MADMAN when it comes to taking pics, so I have this covered… :laugh:


Excellent point! and very good idea!


The picture idea is great. I read that tip in the unofficial too. Another not so bad idea is to stick a piece of masking tape or get a “dog tag of sorts” that has your cell phone number on it and what resort you are staying in. If one of your children gets seperated from you, you will be double protected. You will have the picture of what they had on and what they look like and you child will have your contact information on them to help the cms find you quicker. The very best way to keep track of very small ones in the WDW parks is to keep them in a stroller while walking from attraction to attraction. The chances of you getting seperated while in queue are highly unlickey, but more likely while in a big crowd and walking around. Try to have a seperation plan too. Show your little ones to look for a CM should you get seperated. I know 2 and 3 is a bit young for that, but you will be surprised. My DD and I have a plan for each park and have used the same plan since we started going WAY back in 97. You kid id less likely to panic if they have a small clue as to what to do should the worse come.


I’m right there with you. I take over a hundred pictures a day so I’m sure I could pull one up if I ever needed to.

We even take a picture of the lot sign if we drive to a park just in case we forget where we left the car. I would do the same with a rental car if we had one.


I like this thread, as it contains logical information.

Most people would never think of this and will go about their days oblivious to the dangers that literally lurk everywhere.

I worked in a career that fostered strick personal security - at home, at work and on travel. I don’t consider it paranoia, but rather being aware of your surroundings and planning accordingly.

Examples - do you take photos of your luggage before traveling? If not, think about it - is it a black drag bag? Could you describe it to an un interested airline employee?

No true names on children’s clothing - Ever. Period. No nick names either.

Yes, a photo ID - such as a passport, to me, is a no brainer. If something hits the fan, what do you want to have? A birth certificate? Remember, what is one of the documents you need to steal someone’s identity? At least if someone steals a passport you can cancel it - and the person would have to look like the person in the photo.

There is so much other things to consider…

I wish more people thought like you people - I would wager there would be less victims in the world.


Wonderful advice, I shall in future photograph our luggage, and the advice for parents is invaluable-we too used to have a plan for each park and inform our DD who were the CM’s and to ask them for help-(no one else)- if ever we became separated as this was a possibility given the crowd sizes at certain times of the year. The World is a magical and beautiful place, however, sadly this cannot be said for all of the guests and one must be just as vigilant as in the ‘real’ world.


This is an INCREDIBLY smart thing to do! Thank you so much for this sound piece of advice! :happy: :happy:


I am glad everyone thought this was good advice as well. Dana, maybe she read it in the Passporter, if so, it is even better tahn I imagined. I ahve not gotten there yet!!!

I understand the reasoning to not put a childs full name on their clothing, but what should we do? Especially for my 2 & 3 year old who would not really cmpletely understand to give all of these details. I read somewhere that a mom went and had a “dog tag” (for lack of a better way to say it), made with the parents information and that of a relatives at home, incase the child was found! I never really thought to do anything like this but I am starting to now. Any helpful tips are appreciated.

I think it is great reading other peoples tips, keep them coming. This is the best way to learn, from the actions of others!!!


Very useful information, I am a freak if my kids go out of my eyesite even for a second, I say where’s Samantha and start having a panic attack, LOL, I thought I was the only one!


No, it was definately in the Unofficial Guide to walt disney world that I read both of those tips. I agree with Nitro in not including any of the child’s personal information such as names and nicknames, but think that some tag or something with your cell phone number and resort on it is not a bad idea at all. No need to panic yourself at all Nokey. Get the stroller…keep the kids in the stroller strapped in. Don’t let your kids walk around by themselves at all in the crowded parks especially after one of the night shows…that’s just scary. I had my DD in a stroller when she was 6. We were at WDW, just me and her, and it was Easter week. I knew where that kid was at all times and don’t care who thinks I am nuts for pushing her in that stroller. Get a luggage like tag that you can put a shoe lace on. Write your cell phone, name and resort information on that tage and place is as a necklace on your children. Your child wouldn’t have to say anything should the worse happen. Definately explain to them, no matter what their age is, that they should go inside the “store” there are everywhere and talk to the CMs. Take them by the hand and visually show them what you are talking about. Yes, yours are a bit young, but it surely can’t hurt to try and teach them what to do in a crisis. As I have said, I have always had an “seperation plan” for me and my DD. Even when she was three. She may not have totally “gotten it”, but I felt better knowing that I at least explained it to some extent. We have never been seperated thanks to the use of strollers and holding hands in large crowds. I am so glad that I have never had that horror in WDW…can’t even imagine it. Just be prepared and prepare your kids. That’s all you can do.


My children are older but I was thinking that maybe you could get one of those rubbery bracelets like the “livestrong” ones and on the flat inside write the child’s name and your cell phone number with a permanent marker. This way no one could see the info until the child was lost. You could even put it on the ankle of a smaller child. Even bigger kids forget their info when they are frightened… it might work.


Great idea for older kids. masking tape with your information in their shirt collar is another option, but may be uncomfortable rubbing on their skin. I read a readers comment in the Unofficial that made me laugh. She took a sharpie marker and wrote her info on her kid’s leg…lol That’s a bit much if you ask me, but it did make me laugh.


make sure that the kids backpack or diaper bag does not have their name on it either! Just to be safe!!!


When you get a stroller at WDW, I would personally remove or reverse the name tag that is in the little slip on the back - Why?

Take this scenario: Mr/Mrs. Bad Guy/Gal takes a special interest in a little one. How long would they have to follow the family around before mom or dad or brother ot sister said the little person’s name? Not long, I would assume.

Ok, the bad person has the first name of the little person - you have a stroller with the last name on it.

One and one make two. Say Mr. Bad Person comes up to the little one, calls him by his first AND last name and gives a BS story about his parents looking for him/her. To a little person, someone who knows their first AND last name MIGHT be a credible person and MAYBE they will go with them?

Nah, I’ll try to limit that factor if at all possible. To stop a bad person, you first have to think like a bad person. It ain’t fun, and you’ll probably worry like sin, but it will probably keep you and your family safe.

Luggage - might as well forget those little paper tags they give you at an airline counter - and any other attachable tag that can be removed for that matter. Add a funky symbol or something to it - something unique.

Photos of your kids each day is a great idea, but remember the story about the attempted abduction at WDW and the individual changing the kids cloths. Focus on the face and shoes and any noticible birth marks (scratches, brusies, scars, etc) that can be visible with clothing on (on the arms/legs below the knees).

May sound drastic, but unfortunately it is a sad society we live in these days.


Wow, I’m loving these tips. When we were there last, DD was 1 1/2 and was basically in a stroller, or in our arms. I know she’ll want to walk around some more this time, she’ll be just about 3 this time. I also have to say, I know that the word “leash” is a bit touchy, but I also have a belt/leash of sorts that has clips at both ends if you want to use them. I actually had taught DD to simply hold it, like holding hands, just a little longer. She got to walk without me having to crouch down and hold her arm up, and she thought it was a great big game. I do the same thing now if we are out shopping or somewhere busy…except I use my keychain, which is actually a pin trading lanyard, we just hold the ends of the rope and we’re never more than 8" away!


That’s an awesome idea!!!


I have also read the tip about writing your child’s name on the inside of clothing, or somewhere else not immediately visible. I think what you want to avoid is a very clearly visible name tag that would permit a stranger to call out your child’s name from a few feet away.

I think that a name written on the inside of clothing is fairly safe. Frankly, by the time a stranger would be in a position to see the name, they probably would’ve gotten a child’s name out of them with a simple “hi there, what’s your name?”.

Obviously nothing short of a leash (which I’ve seen!) would be 100% safe, but we’re just trying to work the odds in our favor.


Great tips! My luggage tage sugestion for the children was about the hard tags and I was thinking more along the lines of a loss child not an abducted one. I must say that if there is anywhere in the world, I am not so nutso, it’s WDW. As for the name on the coach, you can easily tag your coach with a personal item so you can recognize it when you come out of an attraction (the whole purpose of having your name on it) I do appreciate your defensive thinking when it comes to child safety. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.