A postcard double-shot!


In my mailbox after work today were two (2) postcards from WDW! One from Paula (Alicefan) and the other from Dee and Amanda (Dac921 and Smig). Thanks guys, getting postcards from WDW is the best, so getting two (2) is double the fun! :laugh: :happy: :mickey:


I got one from paula! Thanks for the postcard.


You’re welcome!:heart: I’m glad they are starting to arrive - I was getting nervous for a while there.:rolleyes:


Sometimes that WDW mail takes a bit. If I don’t mail them out on the first night, they don’t always make it to the people before I get home…crazy if you ask me. Thanks again for the postcard. It made my day.


My son got one today too–Thank you!! I can’t wait for him to get home so he can see it.


Oh, good, Steph! I’m so glad it came, finally. :happy:


He loved it, it was so perfect because he is still doing so well in school. He said someone he knows must be calling Mickey to tell him what’s going on. I can’t believe he’s 8 and still totally believes in magic.


Awwwwww - :crying: :crying: :crying:…He is such a sweetie…I’m glad he is doing so well, you must be so proud.:heart:

I wish we had “happy looking tear smilies” :laugh:


I am, that’s what made the postcard extra special, he’s doing great and I couldn’t be happier. This year is so NOT stressful, he’s getting great grades and loves his teacher (he said she doesn’t yell all the time) so I’m happy.


Postcard-sending MBers are the best!!!


Alicefan…my school is full of bums and they changed my mail address AGAIN. AND I don’t even know where to pick this stuff up. :pinch: I don’t know if I’ll ever get the postcard!:crying:

But it is the thought that counts, so thanks anyway!! No thanks to school though. Yar!:pirate:


Awwwww - that stinks! I’m sorry you might not get your postcard because “your school is full of bums” :laugh: :laugh: .

Mickey did say “hello” and he misses you! :wub: