A question about the laundry facilities


Each time we’ve stayed at SSR we’ve been in a 1 or 2 bedroom unit which, of course, have their own washer/drier. This trip we’ll be in a studio. I understand there are laundry facilities for use near the quiet pools. I also read somewhere that the laundry facilities are free to DVC Members. How does this work? I had assumed they were coin operated…


The machines have slots for coins but you don’t need to add money to use them.


The honor system, huh? :laugh:


They are free to anyone staying at a DVC resort. The catch is there are only 2 washers and 2 dryers at the private pools. Sooo if you want to wash clothes, you might not find machines available at any specific time. There is a larger laundry room at the main building next to the resorts main pool.


DW and I always get a studio at SSR and the laundry facilities near the main pool have 4 washers including one high capacity unit and 8 dryers and they WILL accept money if someone unknowingly puts quarters in the coin slots.
Also the soap vending machines DO require money. There are other laundry facilities at SSR but we have never used those so I can’t attest as to how many washers or dryers are in those locations.


Great! Thanks everyone!! :mickey: