A question for rowdy


i was just wondering this tonight for some reason, rowdy: i know characters like mickey and the gang can’t talk so they use hand gestures to talk. when you are one of those characters, do they teach you any gestures or do you make them up? to give a better idea as to what i’m talking about, our first time at Cape May Cafe, I was talking to Minnie and I asked her where Mickey was. she swung her arms in a golf motion to tell me he was playing golf. is that part of a script or was it made up?


What! :eek:

Rowdy is never “one of those characters.” He’s a helper for them.

Am I right, Rowdy?


That’s what I was going to say…Rowdy’s definitely going to make you re-word your question before he offers any inside information!! :biggrin:


My neice used to “know” a few characters pretty well (especially Buzz and Pluto and Mr. Smee, if you get my drift). She told me there definitely was a script of mannerisms to follow - after all - if Pluto signs his autograph one way for you in the book – it SHOULD always look like his autograph in the next book. The - ahem- characters are trained to do this.
What you’re describing sounds like possible Chit-Chat Minnie was taught. I once met someone who “knew” Goofy pretty well-and I saw him practicing from the script for a show he was in. Since they can’t speak, the characters need to follow a mime script to interact with guests.

When I saw Goofy in the park that night, he came up to me and made a motion indicating that HE KNEW ME! (by pointing to his chest, pointing to his head, and pointing to me (I + KNOW + YOU). I have that on video somewhere. It was priceless.


When we did character dining you can generally figure out what they’re trying to say but you have to pay attention. Pluto came to our table and played Tic Tac Toe with DD and did a great job interacting with her but DW had to do some interpretating for her. A few times DD didn’t understand what he wanted her to do so the Mrs would say he wants you to do this or that. Paying close attention really helps.


oh boy. i hope i don’t offend rowdy. sorry rowdy if i did. i know you’re a helper to the gang, in this case goofy and sometimes captain hook, but the question popped in my head and i was curious.


Hmmmm…Great question, Tragic!

(and, welcome to DC DayDreamer!)