A quick farewell before I go!


Hey everyone! I just wanted to say farewell to all of you before I go. I am leaving extremely early on Monday morning (our flight leaves at 6:30am) and I probably won’t have a chance to check the boards again before then. I have a fundraiser for my theatre group starting at 5am tomorrow and so once I’m done with that, it’ll be straight to bed in order to wake up to go to the happiest place ever!

I promise to come back with lots of pictures and a detailed TR for all of you lovely people as I do enjoy reading yours so much. Thanks for being so great everyone! I don’t know what I’d do without you! :happy:


Have a fabulous trip! Can’t wait to hear about it. :slight_smile:
Wishing you safe travels…


have a safe and fun trip tell micky and the gang we all said hi and will see him soon


Have a wonderful trip! Looking forward to your TR!


Have a fabulous trip :happy:
I can’t wait to hear all about it.
I’ve been having serious withdrawalsssssssssss:wacko::wacko::wacko:


Have a blast!!! Tell Donald Ill see him very soon!! :slight_smile:


Have fun and travel safely!


HAve fun. And remeber, one bottle of water after each adult beverage. :cool:


Have a fun and safe trip and stay cool! :happy::mickey:


Have a blast and good luck with your theatre fundraiser. I run my school’s theatre program and I don’t think I would want to get up at 5am for any type of fundraiser!


Have a wonderful time, take plenty of pics, can’t wait for your TR.


Have fun! Can’t wait for the TR. It is so much fun to put faces to fellow MBers.


Thank you all so much! I promise to take a ton of pics and silly videos as I can to share with you all and hopefully help tide you over with some Disney magic before you all go!

I’ll talk to you all again in a week! :happy:


I can’t wait for your TR. Have fun!


So exciting!! I hope you have a blast!!! :mickey:
Do take plenty of pictures! We’ll all be waiting anxiously for your TR! :happy:


have a great time …but I know you will …ITS DISNEY


Enjoy !!!


Excited for you…have a fantastic time!!! Can’t wait for the TR :mickey: