A quick question about Disney buffets


I was just wondering if any of the buffet restaurants would let you take your leftovers home with you. Last Nov. when i was at Ohannas we asked if we could get a box to take what we had not eaten with us and they said no, you cannot do that. I don’t understand why not. Has anyone had any luck taking food out with you when you are done? You have paid for it why could’nt you take whats left?


I WAS able to take kids meals out of 'Ohana (chicken strips, fries). I didn’t try for anything else.


I’ve never seen anyone take a box/doggie bag out of a buffet. I think most places would frown on this because you could ask for more (or make another trip through the line) on purpose so you could take the extras with you.


I do understand buffets thinking that you will go back and get what you can and fill up your box. I am sure people would try to do that. At Ohanna’s I wanted to take what was left that was just at my table that they brought me. There was alot left over and I would have loved to bring it home. To me it is alot of food wasted.


I never tried to take anything home from the buffet but sometimes, if we are going right back to our room, I will take the table service desserts (included w/the dining plan) with me to eat the next day for breakfast or something.

Last time we ate at Whispering Canyon Cafe there was a table of four adults next to us and they all ordered the ‘family style’ meal, which is basically all you can eat at the table. Towards the end I heard one of the women ask the server for foil 'cause it appeared to me that she wanted to wrap up the whole platter that the waitress just brought to the table. I didn’t hear the server’s reply BUT she returned about 3 minutes later with the tiniest piece of tin foil you’ve ever seen. :laugh:

Anyway, I understand your point but I think table service restaurants will more gladly pack your leftovers. Most buffets have a more ‘if you can’t eat it then don’t take more on your plate’ philosophy.

Which restaurant are you talking about?


I do understand the typical buffets like CP or Boma’s and such. It is people like what you just described that make it difficult to take anything home. I do understand what you are saying. When we were at Ohanna’s last year it was just 2 of us and we did not even get seconds on anything. I did want to take what we had left in our bowls back to our room for later but the waiter said “we don’t do that”. So I guess I cannot see the harm in that.


I think their reasoning is you can ask for more at any time and they constantly bring around meats. So how do they know if you asked for more knowing you couldn’t eat it just so you could take it home? (I am using you as a general term…not you in particular).

And they can’t do it for the people who don’t get any refills and say no to the ones who do. Plus that could be a big confusing mess since so many different servers bring around food there.


I think they have to have a general rule of no take outs or people would abuse it like crazy.


Don’t you hate it that because so many really abuse the system, simple things like this are so restricted. I know one meal we left almost all of the dessert at O’Hana’s, we were stuffed. A late night treat with a cuppa tea would have been nice. :crying:


Exactly my point. I would have loved my dessert that night or some of the yummy chicken wings,etc.


They typically don’t allow boxes for buffets. However, once at Donald’s Breakfastosaurus, our waitress brought us to-go soft drinks and a box of cookies and told us to take some fruit out with us. I think she was sucking up to us… don’t recall the reason.


I’m sure that’s the reasoning. It must be the policy to ensure people don’t over order.


I once was at Coral reef and my sister asked to take the left overs back. They did pack it up but like everyone else said I doubt family style or buffets would let you do so. Last May when we were at WCC the server ASKED my Aunt if she wanted they to pack up her ribs. She said no becasue who wants to carry around ribs all night but I did think it was strange of the server to ask.


At “all-you-care-to-eat” restaurants, you’re really purchasing the right to eat as much food as you can stand at a sitting. If a waiter cuts you some slack on taking some with you I think that’s cool, but I also think we all understand that carte blanche takeout from buffet and family style eateries would break their bottom line.


None of the buffets in my hometime allow you to take leftovers home. As others have said, what’s to stop you from ordering one more “refill” and all of sudden “realize” that you were fall.


I’ve only seen diners take single pieces of fruit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone take real food, and they certainly don’t provde to go containers beyond covered paper beverage cups for kids.