A railroad and train themed hotel?


Naturally, this would be a deluxe, but the theme could be repeated to the other levels. I was thinking, Walt Disney loved trains and trains are an integral part of the Disney story and heritage. I’m just spitballing right now and will have a few more details as they strike me.


I like this idea! I can visualize railroad track-patterned carpet down those long hallways, and a cool station motif for the lobby!

All aboard!


That would be very cool!


Sounds like fun.


I think it would be kinda cool…I like it. I see beds in the shape of train cars…oh wow…little boy’s dream hotel.


And how about special suites right in train cars.


I love that idea. And a monorail shaped like a locomotive :wink:


I like the rail cars as rooms idea, but it might not work well for more than a few rooms. Once upon a time in Wilkes-Barre, Pa, there was a railroad station in the middle of town. Rail service ended, so someone bought the property, turned the station itself into a night club and then they got a bunch of railcars and converted them to rooms for a motel, two per 80 foot car. Now, this is 25 years later, and it would take 50 cars to make 100 rooms, if you can find 50 passenger cars. Yes, you could build buildings that look like cars, but still, it’s going to use room, so the bulk of the hotel has to be in a building that looks like one of the grand railroad palaces of the past. The restaurant areas could be built up from boxcars, like Victoria’s Station restaurant’s used to. Maybe make the main lobby area something that looks like a roundhouse.
Wait, this is a deluxe. Use the railcars, especially bi-level type cars as concierge rooms and suites with a roundhouse building as the concierge lounge, concierge offices with maybe a quiet pool in the middle, where the locomotive turntable would have been.
Do we put this on the monorail beam? Maybe an Epcot monorail resort perhaps?
A Disney train looking building.


I’m not a big “train and railroad” type of girl…but I bet if anywhere could do it and knock my socks off it would be Disney.


Scattered thoughts. Character breakfast with the main character Goofy. Add Stitch, Mickey, Scrooge McDuck as the greeter (we need a robber baron type for our railroad), Mike Wizowski, and possibly Sully. This one’s for the boys.
The curtains would feature various railroad logos from around America. Lots of models of famous and historic trains displayed in all the public spaces. Paintings of trains everywhere. Maybe do the whole thing in art deco/bauhaus style architecture, furnishings, and lighting. The wallpaper boarders where the walls meet the ceilings should be a 4 inch wide railroad track that circles the room.

Bella, this would be one for the boys, especially with the Grand Floridian being one for the girls.


I’m actually not a Grand Floridian girl either…:laugh: It’s too stuffy for me…I’d take the Poly or even AKL over the GF anyday.


Regardless, it’s all princess, princess, princess, everywhere you turn these days, and Walt would love a train hotel.


Wow, I just pictured the bunk beds. They wouldn’t be rough hewn wood like WL or AKL, you could make them like Pullman berths, perhaps even having them fold away during the day (or not).


I understand what you are saying BUT…I am a big girl who has loved trains all my life. I would like to stay in a railroad car.


The restaurant can be designed after dining cars, and “windows” can play a movie like you are travelling famous railways across the country. I would totally stay in a resort like this my kids would love it.


The lobby could be like Grand Central Station…

Maybe the different wings could have different line/route names or something…

Key cards could look like train tickets!

There could be a little train garden or something…

I love the idea!


That’s a nice thought, but I’m not sure they could bring it off, or if they really should. The ticket concourse at Grand Central is a huge space, perhaps a half a city block, and I’m not sure all the forced perspective cleverness in WDI’s bag of tricks could make it “right”.


Oh but it would be cool to see them try!!

We love trains! All of us. We live near the old Lionel factory, and a railroad and train themed hotel would get all of my money. :happy: :biggrin:


I gotta say I love this idea. I would be stoked to stay in a hotel like that!!


I would love to see the lobby look more like one of the train stations in the Midwest… Ottumwa has a really movie-esque lobby! And I would love to see a little rail museum at the hotel, with cars from several eras.

And best of all, a real steam whistle that some lucky kid gets to blow at noon!

And a conductor/bellman that greets you in front by saying “All Aboard”

It would be cool if the lobby had a subtle sound of a steam train puffing in the background.