A Re-Imagined Test Track!


I was looking at the Disney Parks Blog, and there is an article on how Chevrolet will present a new version of Test Track in which you design your own car.

Re-Imagined Test Track Will Put Guests in the Designer?s Seat This Fall at Epcot Disney Parks Blog

Sounds cool, but I do like the original version… and the pre-ride video was one of my favorites! “Surprise tests?” “Yeah… surprise tests.” :laugh:

*Also, I read through the comments, and the author responded to someone that it will go down in April and reopen this fall.


Hopefully, they won’t experience the teething problems with this update as they had when they first ran the test track tests.
Lord knows Test Track could use an update or a re-imagining.
It’s gotten very stale and seems really tame.
And with all of the downsizing of the GM family, GM itself needs to refocus to their smaller stable of brands (4, down from 9).


I don’t understand, are you going to be able to design your ride like spaceship earth or cyber space mountain? I wish they had different versions of the pre-show…


Bummer! It will be down in June for our next visit. Bonus, another reason to keep going back!


This was quite a disappointment to me. I have been hoping they would revamp as a Cars theme. It also bugs me that GM continues to sponsor the attraction and yet they have cut employee and retiree benefits they had committed to, but that is a whole different can of worms.


I agree for the most part. I do like the idea of a renovation, however I think that the parks can get overly themed. While Cars is a movie for the ages, and I love the idea… I can see where the appeal is not there at EPCOT. It might be at another park… Like, HS…


I agree. I love Cars, but I don’t think it fits in very well with Epcot’s futuristic theme - much better with DHS’s Pixar Place.


They are building a Cars ride in DL CA that is the same ride mechanics as TT but with Radiator Springs layout. If they were to do that in FL I would hope they would do at DHS in PixarLand area.


I think that the need to do something… don’t get me wrong!


I’m going to chime in on Epcot being the wrong place to Cars theme anything.
True, The Seas is now fully Pixarated (:pinch:), but that doesn’t conflict with the sponsor. Test Track IS GM and that certainly does not allow Lightning and Mater to be integrated, not in any way that GM would care to accept because Test Track is a GM showcase.



True, The Seas is now fully Pixarated (:pinch:),


Tru Dat!

(I am an EPCOT purist…)


I’m still mourning the demise of World of Motion…that had some of the very best animatronics at WDW. I’ve never been a fan of Test Track - it took us forever to finally get on it - it was always down when it first opened - and when we finally did ride it I thought “meh”. Two of the biggest mistakes made at Epcot was getting rid of WoM and Horizons.


I still can’t get enough of the orange smell… remember in Horizons? I remember when I was in middle school, riding it over and over just to smell it…


Have you been talking to my DH? He also mourns for them. I’ve wondered if the orange smell in soaring was put in as a nod to Horizons.


Jo jo… I think it was a small consolation. I think it might be the same smell… They could sell a billion candles or sir refreshener if they sold that stuff…


The first time we did Soarin’ and I smelled the oranges I thought immediately of Horizons! My kids always loved choosing whether they’d go to space or under the ocean.:crying:


[QUOTE=Willbegone;1099024]Bummer! It will be down in June for our next visit. Bonus, another reason to keep going back![/QUOTE] Down for us too in August :crying:


First time I rode Soarin’ Over California (DCA 2002), when we flew over the orange groves I had one thought, driving through central Florida in the spring when all the orange trees blossom. But then again, I knew they were trying to make me feel like I was gliding over a Californian grove.
By the time I first went to WDW, World Of Motion was already being converted to Test Track and Horizons was shuttered.
For me, it’s more like “Never Encountered Horizons”.


Im glad they’re doing some revamping on TT, the stuff going on in the queue area bores me now and leaves me with a bit of a headache!