A short MNSSHP report


Cast ~ Me - Stacie
DH - Jeff
DS - Thomas - 8
DS - Alex - 7

This was our Universal trip, but when I found out we were leaving on the first MNSSHP Party day, I talked my DH into adding another day and going. We kept it a total surprise for the boys who thought that we would just be at UNiversal this trip. They asked about going over to Disney World several times, and to my astonishment, I didn’t cave and actually kept it a surprise. We went to the parks to redo our favorite rides at Universal in the morning, and we were back in the room getting a little rest just after noon. I told the boys we were going to go someplace special for dinner and that I had made some special reservations. The town car arrived and we were off! Thomas was the first to catch on and asked a couple of times, “is’t this Disney World?” MY DH just kept playing rock, paper, scissors with them and we pretended we didn’t hear the question. When we arrived at the contemporary where we walked over, they were both pretty suspicious. They really didn’t start to believe till we were standing in line at the gates to enter. This is where I explained that we had a special dinner reservation inside and I thought since we were having dinner here, we really should just stay and go to the special halloween party they were having. They were absolutely giddy with excitement and said “this just might be the best day ever!”

some decorations as we arrived:


Liberty Tree Tavern for dinner. We were “celebrating” our 10th wedding anniversary which is later this month. We had always planned to go back to Bermuda on our 10th anniversary, but decided this trip for the boys would be better. Did I mention how HOT it was?

We got some magical mickey sprinkles for our “celebration”:


Next up a quick trip to Neverland with Peter Pan which is Thomas’ favorite ride. They were so excited that they got to ride together by themselves for the first time. They are growing up much too fast! :frowning:

Then we found this guy right after on our way to the Pirate league for official Halloween transformation. This was another little surprise I added.


Pirate League Time! Aarg me mateys! The boys spinning the wheel of fate to determine their new pirate persona:

Captain Jerimiah Firecastle:

Captain Edward Seagull:

waiting patiently to be called up by the crew:


Captain Seagull’s transformation:


Captain Firecastle’s transformation:


We have pirates!

with a little more costuming (they loved playing the part and really got into the scowls):


The finishing touches and registration with the official Pirate League:


Main street is ready for a Halloween Party! (I loved loved loved the balloons that changed colors!)


Stitch’s Dance Party. This was so much fun and watching the boys dance was hilarious! Alex tried to copy all the dance moves they were doing on stage; so cute!


Lots of Hallowishes pictures! This was great!


More Hallowishes:


After some trick or treating and a couple of rides, we settled in for the Boo to You Parade. This was a great parade, but we didn’t get many god pictures. DH got one really blurry bad shot of the headless horseman in which nothing was even remotely recognizable. :frowning: These are the best pictures we managed to capture from the parade:


more Boo to You:


Boo to You:


Some pictures from Woody and Jessie’s dance party inside the saloon:


I have officially decided we are going to have to do a Halloween trip at WDW after seeing your pics. It looks like you all had so much fun!


We had a really great trip and this party really made it that much more special. I would definitely recommend that people try this special event at least once. Now, I just need to go at christmas! I have lots of pictures and can add some from the Universal parts of our trip if anyone is interested. :slight_smile:


Lol, those boys are too cute. Thank you for posting these pictures, they are fantastic


Loved it! Thanks for sharing!