A sign from the gods of Disney or Coincidence?


We are leaving for our trip on July 29. In our bedroom there is a calendar of dog pictures that we get from our insurance company each year. The dogs are usually pretty homely.

Lo and behold when I flipped to July there was a picture of a rather distinct looking dog. Should I look upon this as a good portent from the tiki gods?


In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki roooom…


That’s amazing! I would have to say it’s a definite sign and you need to get planning. WDW here you come!!!:laugh: :laugh:


Im confused…


I think the dog has a hidden Mickey on its side. :happy:


THAT dog is homely.

Anyway, remember the good, old Rorschach Inkblot Test–you see what’s on your mind. :laugh:


Ummm. . . definite sign to go on that trip!


Thanks… I didnt get it either.:blush:


Awww, what a cutie pup! I love that he has a hidden :mickey:! i think it’s a sign :tongue:.


Well I saw it clear as day and so did my two DDs . . . Disney is ALWAYS on our minds!! :blush:


lol…I totally didn’t get the hidden mickey either!!!

But I love it!


that is soooo cute! our dog had a heart when she was a pup, I just pulled the pictures again to see if it was a mickey too, but nope, it was a heart!


I have a Disney calendar this year at work, so I have “signs” all year round!!! :laugh:

That doggie is not the worst I’ve ever seen, but not the cutest either…nice markings though.

Prezcatz Paul


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: My kids too! Especially my oldest–I think her friends get tired of her ALWAYS talking about Disney!:laugh:


My kids look for hidden Mickey’s EVERYWHERE!:laugh: I just have a lot of practice. :laugh:


HAHA…neither did I! :laugh: