A silly question


I have been looking at the Disney website and it seems that all ticket prices are upto 10 days. If we we were staying 2 weeks, does this mean we have to buy a 10 day ticket and then start again with another 4days. Or can you buy a length of stay pass that I have missed.


From what i know you are suposed to get as many days as you like in your ticket.I think they also have something like pay as you go .


I believe you can get a length of stay pass that will cover all the days you’ll be there


Well, we have something in our package called an Ultimate Disney pass which gives unlimited entry to all parks throughout the day and night plus entry to all waterparks as many time sas you like also. I am sure you can get a ticket like this in the the States, it can’t be just limited to us in the UK~ surely?


For US residents, the longest ticket you can get is a 10 day park pass, with the exception of an annual pass of course. Guests from the UK can get longer passes, up to 14 days I think.

If you are unable to get a 14 day UK pass, I would consider an annual pass. It will be about the same price as a 10 day plus a 4 day pass, plus you get all the AP disocunts and benefits.


Wow, I never realised this Mickey. I just assumed that we could all get the same kind of tickets. Just goes to show you are never to old to learn! :happy:


Disney hotels have length of stay. Afyter 10 days it is cheaper to buy a annual pass than a longer pass!!!


Disney resorts used to have length of stay passes but that ended when Magic Your Way tickets came out.


Get an annual pass. It will be cheaper if you are staying more than 10 days.


Oops! Mickey already said that.