A sort of, possible, maybe, pretrip plan


So now that we are under a week…:goofybounce::goofybounce:

Here are some possible plans…

First of all cast,grandma (that’s me), grandpa, DD, DGDs 2 and 7 yrs old, and DB. DB is staying ASM and we are staying at a 1 BR BCV for 5 nights and then 1BR savanna view at kidani for 3 nights.

Tues - DH and I arrive at disney about 11. DB will pick me up and we’ll go shopping for groceries. DD and DGDs will arrive about 2. If not raining the girls will hit the pool. At 5 we have ADR at Ohana. First time for DB. After dinner head back to BCV, perhaps see fireworks from bridge.

Wed - EMH for DHS, so I’m planning cereal or frozen waffles for breakfast and head out the door early. Stay for until early afternoon. Break at hotel, evening at Epcot.

Thur - EMH for MK, another quick breakfast and out the door. Stay until noonish. We have a 1:30 ADR at germany. After not sure after that.

Fri - SWW at DHS—again leave quickly, this day is sort of fuzzy, not sure I want to deal with crowds. May end up staying for a few hours and taking younger DGD back to room/pool. Perhaps Epcot after that.

Sat- ???—but if weather is nice,at night planning on movie on the beach and smores making. Probably pick up pizza for dinner first. DD will most likely go to DHS.

Sun - moving to AKL- again not sure, maybe go to MK for a while. We have 5:30 Boma ADR. My DD is looking forward to this. Last yr DGD(2) was awful and they couldn’t enjoyed the meal. I figured we could switch off if she is grumpy or worst comes to worst, start and end the meal with dessert for her. She’ll live.

Mon - AK- Hopefully all day

Tues - MK all day, but not until closing at night. Perhaps pool hop to a MK resort. (DVC are allowed to pool hop to most pools, most of the time, just putting this here so no one thinks I’m breaking rules, cause I wouldn’t do such a thing as rule breaking :angel::laugh:)

Wed- home…

I’m hoping the girls really enjoy being in a room where they can see animal and partake in some of the craft things at AKL.


Sounds like fun! THose ages will love it!!! (Notice, I did not say which ages!). It really is like a kids playland, for kids of all ages. You will have so much fun!


I love your plans Joanne, wish they included afternoon coffee with Dixie though :frowning:


Still waiting!


I will come along to see to it that your plans as they are, will be obeyed!


:crying::crying::crying: It would have been lovely for you to see the girls. You could have joined us at beaches and cream. I’m planning, if it fits into the schedule, to order the kitchen sink and watch the girls eyes bug out. :happy:

And after all that ice cream, I then plan to tell them to go swim with grandpa for a few hours.


Weeell, my DH’s perfect trip plan would be wake up, go to park for a few hours, take nap, eat at restaurant that is in resort we are staying at, watch fox news, ESPN, go to bed, repeat several times.

I already told him be prepared to go on dumbo 470000000 times on this trip.


He will love what those little kids get excited about. It is really the most magical part. Dumbo, It’s a small world, princesses, Magic Carpets, peoplemover, etc… So fun with that age group!


4 1/2 yrs ago, I took a trip with the older DGD and DD. One night we were at POP. DD had the bed with extra pillows, the side rails, everything for a toddler. I had the other bed. I also had the toddler. It was dark, everyone was ready for sleep, and then my DGD starts singing the song from Nemo “where’s my dad”. What a time not to have a camcorder going. What a sweet memory of her little voice singing in the dark. :wub::wub:


Love those memories…:heart:

This reminds me of when my daughter was around 5…(hard to remember-she’s almost 25 now) and we left the MK for a change of pace…and because she wanted a salad for lunch. We headed to the GF to the cafe downstairs and placed our order…while waiting, there was this fly I kept shooing away…he really liked us and the waitresses were all trying to get him to no avail. All of a sudden, my little princess started singing “shoo fly don’t bother me” quite loudly…and was swinging her feet…I went to shush her but the waitress motioned for me to let her continue. In the meantime, everyone else in the cafe was smiling and the kitchen staff had all come out to listen to her. Next thing I knew…the whole place was singing along.

That little princess grew up to major in voice and is now teaching choral music to middle schoolers! Love all of our Disney Memories…can’t wait to tell them to my grankids some day.


It sounds like you and your family are going to have a great time! Can’t wait to read your TR and see pictures.