A spur of the moment trip...literally


Well lets see, on Saturday we were sitting around and the notion was made that if I could pack in 30 mins, we would go down to WDW and stay till Monday. I have never packed so fast for my family of 4 in all my life. We left about 12:30 pm on Saturday night. On the way down we made ressies for POFQ. We arrived in Orlando between 4:30-5:00 pm and visited with my husband’s aunt and had a nice dinner at Olive Garden…yum. We checked in our hotel around 10:00 pm and off to bed. Sunday we awoke and went to Magic Kingdom and of course having a 9 yr old and a 4 yr old went straight to Fantasyland. We walked right on Peter Pan’s Flight, IASW, Dumbo, Carasouel, Pooh’s Hunny Pots, then over to the racetrack. At about 10:30 we ate an early lunch/late breakfast at Cosmic Ray’s. After eating we headed for Tomorrow land and went to Buzz Lightyears, only to find that it was closed for refurbishment! :huh: Being our kids are dare devils we don’t ride Space Mtn or do Stitch’s Alien Encounter. So we decided to go to Adventureland and we walked up the Swiss Family Robinson’s treehouse, 4 yr old DD’s first time. We then went on the Jungle Cruise, it was a walk right on ride. After riding the kids wanted to drive the little motorized boats, so they did. After JC we went to POC and walked right on once again. It was GREAT!! We then headed over to SM and it was a 20 min wait, DH and DS were getting in line to ride while took DD to the little Laughing Place play area. As DH and DS were getting in line, a man walked up and gave them two fast passes ready to use. How nice is that… :tongue: After the SM ride we all walked over to toontown and me and DS rode Goofy’s barnstormer while DH and DD played on the playground. After that it was around 1:20 pm and we hopped on the train and rode it back to Main Street. We then decided to go back to the hotel and nap. Our intentions were to take a nap and go and have a nice dinner at one of the resorts. After our nap, we all got ready and DH took kids down to arcade while I visited the Conceriege desk to make dining plans. We thought the MK closed at 8 pm, which it did except for resort guests. It stayed open till 11 pm for resort guests. So I checked to see if they had any openings at Liberty Tree Tavern, but they did not. :crying: So we headed back to MK park to do it all again. We ate at Columbia Harbor House, I did go by and check Liberty Tree Tavern once I got there and they had an opening for 8:20, which would have had to wait for 2 hrs and we were hungry now. So we opted to do that next time and went and at fish and chicken at Columbia Harbor House. I recommend this restaurant to anyone. Its a nice counter top restaurant that offers fish and chicken and its tasty too. After we ate we pratically walked on all the rides again. We done Philarmagic, which we missed that morning. Needless to say it was a very nice spur of the moment trip!!


Cool!! I am so jealous that you are so close that you can make a spur of the moment trip. But…I’m happy for ya too…sounds like you had great time:)


That is so awesome! I love spur of the moment trips! The last trip we did like that, DH and I got bored the Tuesday before Memorial day weekend, and by that Friday we were flying out of NY to go see the mouse! One of my best trips ever!


WOW! That is awesome! What a great surprise for you all.


What fun! It sounds like you had a wonderful time, how great that you were able to get away at the last moment like that!


How great! :mickey: It makes me want to jump in my car Friday afternoon and head to DL!


WOW! That is so cool! What a wonderful memory for your kids too, they’ll always remember that moment of fast packing out of nowhere :biggrin:


Lucky you!


Can’t wait to hear more about this unplanned spur of the moment trip. It sounds like it was perfect so far. :heart:


Wow how lucky for you and your family! Sound like you had a wonderful time :happy:


I’m not happy for you, I’m mad that I couldn’t go! :angry: Just kidding! Great trip, I wish I was that close to WDW.


Thanks all! Dana, that was pretty much it, we came home yesterday, kids and school you know… Although, DD and I were one of the last ones out of the Toontown place where you can meet the characters. She met, Donald, Minnie and Goofy while DH and DS rode Barnstormer 3 more times. Then we all stood and watch Wishes…so nice and really wasn’t no one around.


Very cool, indeed.


I remember those spur of the moment trips I took as a kid. We havent done it yet with ds (he is 4 yrs old) but maybe we will sometime soon. Especially since we are getting more back from IRS then expected. Not tons but enough for a spur of the moment weekend at WDW.


If you could pack in 30 minutes? I bet you set a land/speed record! :laugh: Oh, this just sounded like so much fun. :happy:


Let’s just say, its a good thing I had done laundry the day before…lol


I’m so jelous :rolleyes: The best trips I think, are spur of the moment trips :wink: So glad you had a great time!