A SSR Spa question


I hope I put this in the right spot,if not could someone please change it. I would like to know if you can use the sauna and whirl pool tub at the spa. Let me be more specific. I have a massage for 2 of us tomorrow. I seen last time I went there (in June) they had a sauna/steam room, jacuzzi and a few other things. Can you use their sauna and jacuzzi after your massage or do you have to have a special package that includes that? I hope I made sense to someone.


I know when I booked a massage for my husband a few years ago he was told to take advantage of the sawna & hot tub.
Have fun!


Yes when you book a massage you have the run of the place for the whole day (you can even leave and come back)

What I like to do arrive about an hour to hour and half before my appointment and use the sauna and whirlpools. Then after the massage I use them again. I think this helps you get get the most out of your massage.