A Story on how great the WDW Staff is


So some good friends of ours are currently down at WDW, it is a family of 11 people. Mom, Dad, 4 Sons, 3 sons wives, 2 grandkids.

They arrived on Sunday and are staying at the Contemporary. They are there to celebrate the Mom’s retirement.

On Tuesday they went out to their scheduled dinner and the mom wasn’t feeling well and was in a lot of pain. By the end of the meal she was crying because she was in a lot of stomach pain.

They got back to the resort, and the dad called the front desk asking their advice. The front desk said give us 2 minutes and we will have a doctor up to your room. And they did. The doctor gave her an exam and he happened to be a gastroenterologist and he diagnosed her with a herniated bowel. He tried pushing on it and doing whatever to get the hernia fixed and was unable to. So they called an ambulance for her and took her to the hospital.

Disney got a van and transported the entire family to the hospital and has given them rides back and forth. The front desk manager, and the doctor that came to their room have called the Dad a few times through out the day yesterday to see how she was doing and offered to continue providing transportation back and forth to the hotel. The dad ended up renting a car so he didnt have to keep bugging Disney.

Long story short, the mom ended up having surgery yesterday and will more than likely spend the rest of her vacation in the hospital recovering from the surgery.

I feel so badly for them, they were so looking forward to this vacation. Their 1st trip with the entire family, the grand kids 1st trips as well. But I have no doubt in my mind that they will definitely return do to the kindness of the WDW staff.


That’s too bad their vacation was ruined by a medical emergency but it’s good to hear that Disney is taking care of them.


Always nice to hear a story of CMs showing some care and consideration!


Oh my gosh I am so sorry to hear about that poor lady I do hope she get well soon. But the way Disney handled everything is just brilliant-I’m sure it was a great relief to the family to have that sort of help at such a traumatic time.


Definitely a great example of “Disney Class” service. Hope your friend and her family are doing well.


Can you imagine what it would have been like for that poor mom and family if it would have happened any place else other than Disney. Well done Disney! :wub:


I feel so sad for that family! But am very glad they received great treatment from Disney and I hope they can make it back to Disney one day.


What awful luck having that happen on vacation, but Disney sure did their best to make the best of the situation. Please send the woman our best from the Mousebuzz groupies.


I am so glad Disney took good care of the situation. And that they made sure she got prompt attention for the situation well done Disney.


This is what makes Disney so special! Good luck to your friend and her family, hopefully she will recover quickly. I’m so sorry her vacation was ruined.


How disappointing for your friend. I hope she gets back to WDW very soon. But how terrific of Disney to look after them so well.


Well said llama and exactly what I was thinking.:heart:


Wow, good care, in such a sad situation.