A surprise Thank You


I just wanted to say that I have been to Walt Disney World/Land many times and found that most people there are very friendly. The last time that we were there we accidently picked up someone elses autograph book and didn’t realize it until we returned home… There was a name and address and phone number in it and we called and sent the book back. The family on the other end was so surprised that we did that, they sent a Christmas card and the price of the postage back. It ment alot to us to send the book back because we live near DC and after 9-11 the very small things in life mean alot.



I think it’s wonderful that you took the time to send the book back. I’m sure that meant so much to the family who lost the book. Something like that cannot be replaced. I’m just thankful that there are people out there like you who take the time to be thoughtful, and I’m sure the family who lost the book feels the same way. :angel


I concur completely with Goofette! It is both refreshing and hopeful to hear about a random act of kindness. I know that the recipients will remember your thoughtfulness for quite some time. And, when “things” aren’t going quite the way we 'd like, it is often memories of that sort that can be comforting to folks. Kudos to you, iamagrump! (Your name does not reflect your action though.) :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok this is not Disney related but it has the same kind of story.

Back in About 1973 my father way playing football with some of his buddies. He took off his college ring and put it in his pocket for safekeeping. Of course he lost it sometime during the game and could not find it when he looked.

Early last summer my dad gets a package with a note. The note said that this couple was playing with their metal detectors in a park and found the ring. Apparently the couple looked up, based on the college and year of graduation, the initials engraved on the ring in the college alumni directory.

We were amazed just amazed that the ring remained in the park only to be returned 28 years later to my dad.


Kleenex anyone? Jfmoe, that was a great story. I like to hear those kinds of stories. I actually lost my camera in epcot and had it returned to me about 5 years later with pictures of the group that had found it. Isn’t great to see that there are still alot of great people around?!:stuck_out_tongue: