A third park to open at DLR?


I have been reading some interesting rumors that the possibilty of a third park will open at the Disney Land Resort within the next decade. Is there any truth to that?


Disney does have property set aside for a third gate (the site where the Strawberry Fields are…which are going to be turned into almost 3,000 new temporary parking spaces if the City of Anaheim will approve it until the new parking garage is built in a few years) Disney also buys up land/buildings surrounding DLR when possible for future use. But a third gate wont even be considered being built until DCA is finished and is running in full-force and is bringing in the numbers of guests like it should, and the 2nd phase (if the 1st is successful) wont be finished until 2014-2015. So look for more to come around that time. But as with Disney, things are subject to change without notice.