A tip on having to change flight info for DME


I just got my DME in the mail today. Now I am really excited. It is really starting to kick in now that I only have about a month until I will be in WDW! wow

I did have to call to update my flight info beacuse my original flights that I wanted were cancelled by the airline (ugh!!!) and my booklet still had those flights listed. In the booklet it says to either call the number that you originally made your reservations with or call an 866 number. First I called the # on the back of my itinerary since this is the number I have used to make any other confirmations or changes to my reservations. Well, I got no where fast with the “press this number if you want this” options, so I just hung up and then dialed the 866# listed in the DME packet…

Let me tell you, I think this may have been the best decision I have made today!! This is the direct number to DME, and even better then that, it took them no time to answer my call. The lady that I spoke with couldn’t have been nicer, and she made it so simple to update my info. No hassle at all, and when she got off the phone with me, she said "Have a magical rest of the day and we’ll see you in September. " Hearing someone from Disney actually say that really got me excited and I started to giggle. Apparently the woman on the other end of the line must have known what kind of excitement this sparked in me and shared in it as well, cause she started to giggle with me as she was saying goodbye.

See, it’s those little things that make Disney so wonderful.

Anyway, I just thought I would pass that telephone # info along for anyone else who may need to update their flight info to make it a little easier for them.

Have a Magical Day!


Our flights both going and returning have been changed 5 times since we booked them… I called and spoke to ME and they said that I should call the week or so before hand and confirm our flight information, but they also said that if our flight is delayed not to worry, we will get to WDW…


Yeah, this isn’t the first time our flights have been changed, and probably won’t be the last (I think I want to change them myslef now since I don’t have what I originally started with!).

Anyways, at least they are real accomidating when it comes to calling and having to change all of this.


I love when that happens