A TR of only pictures


Writing a TR is too much right now, but here are lots of pictures. We started with one night at POP, one night at AKV and then 10 nights at BCV. We met up with my DD, DSiL, and 2 DGDs.


more pictures of AKL


The grand kids


can you find nemo? We found one clown fish and I said “there he is”, my DGD replied, “No, that’s his dad, we have to find Nemo”


Being a good grandpa at BCV. DGD kept splashing grandpa saying “wishes”


Just pic I like.


Osbourne lights


windows in MK


Awesome pictures. I love picture TR’s. Cant wait to see more


A few more windows


Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses…


the merry go round at BC


Is this a new cost saving measure? Hollow ice cream.


Gorgeous pictures!


A few animals pics.


Awww, adorable kidlets! I love Pop Century’s Christmas tree too, beautiful! Let me ask you, how much of a pain/hassle was it switching rooms/resorts a few times? I just booked our next Bay Lake Tower stay but I am in THREE different rooms!?! The first night I am in a Lake View Studio, then 3 nights in a Standard View Studio, then 4 nights in a One-Bedroom Villa. I know it’s all within the same building but getting all our stuff out a few times is making me nervous.


which one do you like best? Sorry all sideways…haven’t figure out that part yet.:redface:


Great pictures. Thanks for posting.


GF gingerbread house. Couldn’t get great pics, lots of people hovering around.


Train at germany…notice santa (a little blurry) in the train.