A TR..If you don’t get any blisters, does that mean you had no fun?


We are home, short version, we had a good trip. Long version will take a while to write.

A few highlights….breakfast at the wave and captains’ grille, very good.

A few lowlights……monorail, How much traffic can there be on a closed loop? Shouldn’t take forty min to get from CR to MK. I know we can walk, but we stopped for a meal and thought “lets just hop onto the monorail”. Boy that was a bad choice.

So I’ll be back later.


Welcome back/home! Excited to know all with pictures please if possible- good to see you, you were missed!


Welcome home jo-jo!! I can’t wait to read about your adventure.:heart:


I’m still working on it. I’m almost done writing it. Have to add pictures. Might be tomorrow before I’m done.


Welcome home


This won’t be exactly a day by day, things getting mixed up as we go. But here we go……

Nov 29.…We leave our home about 4:45, get to parking place with no problem, to airport and thru security fairly easy. We flew southwest. Flight was somewhat full. Hmmm seats seemed a bit cozier than last time. Could we have gained weight, noooo, I think the seats shrunk. :laugh: Landed about 20 min early.

Found ME. Got into line and we were the only two standing there, so we thought we had just missed a bus. Ten seconds later, a CM says follow me and we were shown to a bus. We were the last of 4 stops. It took close to an hour to get to CR. Entering the lobby we were greeted (not by name) and shown to a spot to check in. We had done online check in, so we were handed our packet, our room was ready and we were done in mins. :happy:

We had a standard studio at BLT. I was so excited to find out room. Last yr we had a problem with the sofa looking awful and I had made 5 trips to the front desk about it. On our last day, the manager from CR and BLT had said they had dropped the ball, everyone thought it was taken care of but no one checked. They offered breakfast but we had already eaten. So they said “we will “red flag” your room for next time. It will have a VIP cleaning and it will be checked everyday to make sure everything is fine”. So I’m thinking maybe we will have an amazing room, maybe a little gift (like drink mugs or a bunch of balloons) in the room. Nothing. So I’m looking around and my DH saying what are you looking for ??? Red Flags??? Our room was on the third floor with a view of the fountain area. Not once did anyone check with us to see if everything was ok. The room was fine, just I was expecting a little something extra.

We did have a room with the bathroom sink IN the bathroom and not the kitchen/bathroom combo thing. It’s just so much better without having to bump bums trying to have two people in the same area.

The first two pictures are where the sink used to be in the kitchen area and then what it looks like in the bath area. And our little fishie towel animal.


DH did his favorite thing first thing….NAP. I went back to CR to buy postcards for the grandkids. The store didn’t have the right postage for a postcard so I had to spend an extra 30 cents to send the two cards. See everything does cost more at disney. So after being a good grandma and mailing them, I bought two mugs and a sandwich for us to share. After we had our snack at our room, we walked over to MK just to double check if I could buy a TIW with only a AP voucher. The answer is no.

We took the boat over the GF. Wandered around just looking at here and there.


Ended up sitting in the lobby for a few hours listening to the piano player.

While looking around the lobby, DH wondered while the ceiling only had one spot with a princess. Using the camera zoom, we could see it was a balloon.

We waited until the musicians showed up for the evening but only stayed for a short while. They played light jazz. Then we left to go to Ohana for dinner.


The check in spot for Ohana has changed since the last time we were there. It is now across the lobby by the stairs, not right outside the restaurant. So after I almost cut into line,:redface: I wasn’t sure that was the right place but what else would 30 people be waiting for??? We check in and wait about 10 mins to be called. The food was good. I won’t mention details and I didn’t take any pictures of food. We had asked for a few more pot stickers and was given a large plate of pot stickers and wings. :ohmy: We felt guilty wasted it, so we ate as much as we could. We had the guy for the show. It didn’t seem as long as usual or maybe because we didn’t have any kids, we didn’t pay close attention. After we rolled out of Ohana, we took the monorail and headed back to our room.

Fireworks that night was at 9:30, so we sat around the room for a bit and then headed up to TOW about an hour early. I thought we could sit up there and see lights from MK. Well, the wall is too tall, so we just sat for awhile, cause I didn’t want to go back down and then have to check back in to get up again. But the fireworks are amazing from up there. Right after fireworks, we went to bed.


Wonderful start!!


Welcome home! I can’t wait to see more and hear more!!!


Nov 30. I used this day as my birthday. After eating breakfast in the room, we walked over to MK bus area and caught a bus to POR. We wandered a bit. Got beignets (sp). They were good, but I’d never make a special trip for them. Then we walked down to riverside.


After looking around, we took the boat down to DTD. We headed to see the lego store and saw that some school choir was performing in a few min., so we sat to wait. We were quite surprised to see it was an elementary school choir and they said songs like “Oh Susanna” and did some jump rope type tricks. Not what we thought we would hear.

So onto Lego store and just looked around bit.


Then we took the bus to Coronado resort. Again just wandered. Everything looked pretty, but nothing said to us, “boy we wish we stayed here”.


Great pictures! Sounds like you have had a pretty relaxing time so far. Can’t wait to here more!!!


We then waited over ½ hr for a bus back to MK. Saw this sign at the bus stop. It was the only time, we saw any limits of guests getting onto a bus with a person using a scooter.


Thanks, I just point and shoot. It might have a few extra buttons,but I as far as I’m concerned, making sure it’s the camera is turned on is as much thinking I want to do.


After we got to MK, we hopped onto a boat to WL. Went into the lobby and sat for a bit.


Then we headed for the trek into the unknown. The trail to Fort Wilderness. My DH kept saying “Are you sure this is the right path”?
We’ll I wasn’t sure but it was paved and didn’t have any signs like“do not enter”, so I guessed it was ok. I had a water bottle, a granola bar and a flashlight, so I was good if we got lost or a hungry bear came by. I was hoping to see lots of wild life, but we only saw 4 deer. DH was very happy to see FW.


We were having dinner at Trails End, so we checked in and was called in just a few mins. The food was better than I remember. The chicken was very good. So we just ate and ate and ate, but then just as I was about to get some more warm apple cobbler with ice cream …yum……our server comes up and says “where are you going? This is for you”. She had a strawberry shortcake with a candle. She and DH sang to me. It was very nice (and goood).