A trip to remember--Three generations do Disney


I wasn’t sure I was going to write a trip report but last night I decided I needed to. This was an important trip, it was the first trip for DH’s entire family. We’ve been to WDW with my DILs a couple of times but those trips didn’t include DBIL or DN.

So, I’m going to sit down with a little inspirational snack and get started.


Do you see the label? It says “fun to share”. So stop being selfish with your snack, send some this way, and get writing! :laugh:


Anxiously waiting the start of the TR!!!


I did see that…enjoy.


Ok, this second trip came as an unexpected surprise to us. One morning over breakfast last summer my DMIL told me I needed to start planning DN’s first trip to Disney World because he would be 5 (and that’s when Nate went to WDW for the first time, also with DILs). We already had a trip planned with some friends in June but I didn’t tell DMIL this until the second trip was already planned. Luckily, we knew about these trips before we went last summer, we bought APS and a Tables in Wonderland card that would be good for all three trips–score!


All of the planning was left up to me, good thing I love planning Disney trips. I tried to get some input but most of my questions were met with a reply along the lines of “What ever you decide will be fine.” My DBIL did tell me he wanted a late flight home and my DMIL said we needed to book a character breakfast for DN. She also wanted to go shopping at DtD. Other than that all of the planning was left up to me with a little feedback from my DH and DS. No one really cared where we stayed so we booked our favorite resort, Beach Club Villas. I booked our flights, made ADRs, and set up a flexible schedule so we wouldn’t spend a lot of time trying to decided which park to go to every morning. No one really asked any questions so I guess they either trusted me or didn’t care, take your pick.



Me–the planner of all Disney trips
DH–loves Disney as much as I do, he just doesn’t need to talk about it all the time
DS (13)–raised to love all things Disney

DMIL–this was her 5 trip, third with me as the planner
DFIL–this was his 6th trip, third with me

DBIL–this was his 4th trip. He went twice as a child and later for his honeymoon
DN (5)–first trip


SO glad you decided to do a TR! I LOVE TRs, they are the only thing that keeps me from going completely crazy with PDD!


Oh DT so looking forward to the TR!


Sunday–Day 0

We booked a 6 am flight Monday so we could have most of a day at the parks once we arrived. We booked two hotel rooms next to the airport so we could sleep a little later and just take the shuttle to the airport. We spent the afternoon at a mall, I wanted to pick a few things up at Eddie Bauer then we had a late lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. My DH had to work Monday so he spent the day with us and left about 6 pm. He had an 8 pm flight Monday night. It wasn’t perfect but at least he only had to miss one day.

About 8 pm I remembered I hadn’t printed our boarding passes—I’m losing it. We hadn’t even left and I’ve already messed up. I thought about just printing them at the airport but decided to see if we could have them printed at the front desk. It took about 2 minutes and we were back in our room with our boarding passes printed and safely stored in my travel folder. It was about this time I discovered my DMIL hadn’t packed her liquids in a ziplock bag. She had gone out and bought this sweet looking travel bag and had her liquids beautifully placed in a see through pocket. Yikes. Another failure on my part—I guess I didn’t explain the 3-1-1 rule to her. Luckily I tend to over pack and had plenty of extra quart bags and gallon bags. We went through all her liquids and separated them to a quart bag to carry on and a gallon bag to add to her checked bag. Holy cow, that would have been a mess if we hadn’t discovered that until our checked bags were checked and we were at security. Disaster averted by hours. We also went through my DFIL’s carry on bag and found a stray larger than 3 oz bottle. With my DIL’s luggage repacked Nate and I said goodnight and went to our room to get a few hours of sleep.

The plan was to get to bed early so our 3 am wake up call wouldn’t be so painful. Right! It was after midnight and I was still awake. I finally turned the TV on and watched most of a World Cup game. I had the alarm on Nate’s iPod set, the alarm on my phone set for 2 wake up calls, I called down for a wake up call, plus I told my DBIL to call me at 3:15 just in case all my alarms failed.


Monday—Day 1

My alarms worked and we were up and out the door on time and the shuttle was waiting. Score. We got to the airport and the SWA check in line was huge. No score there. However, once they opened at 5 am we were directed to a very short line since we had our boarding passes already printed. Score. It took maybe 10 minutes to check our bags and another 10-15 minutes to get through security. My DFIL was stressed about the whole screening process, I’m not exactly sure why but he doesn’t like it. I could see the stress on his face while we waited in line and it only got worse when we got to the screening table. DBIL got the full body scan, he was excited to make some lucky TSA agent’s day.

Once again, my bag got pulled. It’s always something with my carry on luggage. This time it was a tube of pressing pennies and quarters. I know I need to pull it out but forgot. The lady was really nice about it while she was digging through my unmentionables. I told her I thought I knew what she was looking for and it wasn’t in the bag but in the compartment on the front of the bag. She opened that, pulled it out, and sent all of it back through. It made it through that time. Last month I remembered the tube of money but forgot to pull my liquids out and it went unnoticed. That makes me feel safe. Everyone made it through and I could move on to channeling good thoughts to keep the plane in the air.

Everyone else grabbed some breakfast at either Dunkin’ Donuts or Burger King. Nothing for me, food interferes with my ability to keep the plane in the air.


??? Am I missing something?


So YOU are the one responsible for that! Thank you so much! :laugh:


Yes I am and you’re welcome. :laugh: It takes a lot of work to keep that huge plane in the air. I wish I could relax but I just can’t.


I hate flying, I use all my energy to channel good thoughts to keep the plane in the air.


Nate’s typical waiting activity at the airport. DN didn’t really have anything to do but he likes watching Nate play his DSi so that kept him occupied.


After three gate changes we were finally ready to board. When we were called to line up I assumed everyone was following me and knew where to go. I got in line and didn’t see my DILs or DBIL or DN! Yikes—I had lost them in a matter of seconds. I finally spotted them over behind the pre-boarding area, no problem, I got their attention and they joined us in line as we walked by. Our flight was uneventful and we landed right on time. We were about the first people on the plane and sat in the front rows so we were the first off the plane.

I got us to the ME area with no problem—Yea! I wasn’t confident I knew my way around the airport w/o my DH. He said he always follows me and I always follow him—I guess we both know where we’re going. As I pulled our ME booklet out it dawned on me that my DH didn’t have a booklet, he was included in our book. How could I miss this? I’m really slipping. I knew I booked him separately for his later flight but didn’t even think about a book for him. The CM at the counter checked for me and said he was all set, he would just need to go to the counter first instead of just getting in line. OK, that will work.

Our line was really long but we didn’t have to wait long before we were sent out to our bus. We handed our bags over, had our tickets scanned, and boarded the bus. My DBIL was behind me so I didn’t notice he almost didn’t get on the bus. When the driver asked him which resort he said Caribbean Beach. The driver’s eyes got big and he grabbed DBIL’s bag and said this bus doesn’t go there! LOL!!! DBIL said I don’t know where I’m going; I just follow her and pointed to me. Opps, I guess I forgot to fill him in on a few of the details—like what resort we were staying at. It turned into a running joke the rest of our trip.


We saw this bus when we walked out to get on our Magical Express bus. I was busy keeping track of everyone and getting everyone and our luggage on the bus so I gave Nate the camera and told him to get a picture of this cool bus.


Nate looks like a guy who got up at 3 am…DN, on the other hand, couldn’t sit down.


I love that picture, so true of 5 year olds!