A very HOT trip to the World!


Okay, please bare with me as this is my first ever trip report!!
DD-age 6
We had gone to Disney last June/July and rented points from a fellow MBer. We had a great trip but had gone about it all wrong. We tried to do the parks as much as possible, sometimes staying out late. We all tired pretty quickly, especially the kids. We stayed for 10 days at SSR(one night I believe was ASSports). My Dh husband said we would never go back to Disney for that long or in June. Fast forward to October…
This was not going to be a Disney vacation year, we were going to maybe go to the beach for a week. But, in October I received a PIN code for free dining thru the month of June. I explained to my DH how we would relax more on this trip. He agreed to a quote!! I got a quote for 2 separate weeks since we were not too sure which week DH would get off. We knew we would cancel one of them. Out of curiosity, I asked what the price for the 2 weeks was and we were shocked–DH said we could go for 2 weeks!!!(as long as he could get the time).
I was able to get all the ADR’s that we wanted, including LeCellier. We only went to one(LeCellier) for reasons I will explain later.
So, with the car all packed up we headed to my DS’s school on the last day to pick him up…we were officially on vacation!! Dropped the dog at my in-laws and headed south!! We spent the first night in WV and got up the next day and drove to Atlanta to visit family for one night. We left Atlanta around 3:3o pm one June 6th with intentions of driving 4 or 5 hours and stopping for the nite, then finishing the trip to WDW the next day. We were too excited and drove straight thru to Orlando and got a great room in a Holiday Inn Express 10 min from WDW!!
We got to POFQ around 1030 am and checked in. Our room was not ready so we hopped on the boat to DtD. We had a 5:30 pm ressie for TRex, but were all getting hungry and it was only 12:30. They were taking walk-ins, so I cancelled our later ressie and we ate at 1pm. TRex is a place you eat at for the atmosphere, although the food was not too bad. We did a little shopping and our room was ready!! We got building 2 like we requested with a nice view of the courtyard and fountain. We were on the 3rd floor. The first thing I noticed was how run down the room was-it really needed some updating!!! There were goldfish crackers on the floor when we got to the room that were not put there by us!! Made me feel as if the room really was not too clean. The tile in the sink area felt a little sticky and the botthom of the tub was peeling up-something that I was nervous about and that one of the kids might cut their foot!
WE headed to the pool- my kids were vert excited to try out the pool!!! Spent the rest of the day unpacking and exploring-walked over to POR and took the boat back.
Will continue more tomorrow-please let me know if this is too detailed and long winded!!!


Sounds great! Can’t wait to hear about Le Cellier


Yea! I can’t wait to hear more about your trip. You can never give too many details, trust me.


What??? I hope you complained and told them about this? That’s not acceptable at all. I’m surprised, but then again, I don’t really remember hearing about an refurbs at POFQ recently. 'Cept for the pool. Maybe the room are next to be upgraded. I know our room at Riverside were like this, I was so disappointed . . . :frown:

Hope you are able to post pictures . . . :heart:


[QUOTE=mickeysgirlz;970780]What??? I hope you complained and told them about this? That’s not acceptable at all. I’m surprised, but then again, I don’t really remember hearing about an refurbs at POFQ recently. 'Cept for the pool. Maybe the room are next to be upgraded. I know our room at Riverside were like this, I was so disappointed . . . :frown:

Hope you are able to post pictures . . . :heart:[/QUOTE]

I actually thought I remembered POFQ going through a rehab a few years ago, I could be wrong though. We’ve stayed there several trips in a row and have been very happy with the rooms.

Despite the room issues, I hope everything else went well and look forward to hearing more!


Yay! You’re doing a trip report! I can’t wait to read more!!


We also had problems with mousekeeping this time and we called and complained. The response we received was very poor indeed. We were assured that the manager of mousekeeping would contact us…never happened. The next day when we experienced more problems, I went down to the front desk this time and again received little assistance. The front desk called mousekeeping and they were told that there wasn’t anyone available at that moment to discuss it with me. I escalated it to someone who appeared to be a manager and he said he would immediately contact the mousekeeping manager who would come to my room right away…guess what? Nobody came. Not a follow up phone call, nothing. I stopped back by the desk again and spoke to the same person who assured me I would hear from the manager. After letting him know that nobody showed up, I mentioned that this was very sub par for Disney service. I got a “in our eyes the guest does come first” sentence and that was it. No action, no apology, no concern about an unhappy guest.

There was a time when Disney would have been all over this to get the problem corrected and make sure the guest was happy. Times have changed.


So glad you decided to do a TR! Can’t wait to hear more.


Glad to see you started a tr, I am sorry about POFQ, I had mentioned in another thread that it was starting to look tired. ( The rooms at least.) A two week trip!! Wow. Now thats how I would like to do Disney! :slight_smile:


New TR! Awesome! Sorry about the room issues though. That doesn’t seem like Disney Magic at all.


Sorry your room was less than perfect. Looking forward to the rest of your TR.


Hurray! A new trip report! Please dont leave out a thing!!!


There is simply no such thing as too many details!! :happy: I can’t wait for the rest!

P.S. That’s terrible about the room at POFQ…I hate how things have changed so much and you can notice the fraying around the edges even at Disney now! :sad:


Yes, I was quite disaapointed by the room in POFQ. Otherwise the resort itself is nice. The boat to downtown Disney was fun and we got to see the Treehouse Villas as we floated past them!! We had no problems with the bus service-we rarely had to stand!!
I tried to get our resort changed on day 5 but all the other resorts were completely booked:eek: The CM called all the other mods and even AKL, Contemporary and the Poly!!!
i will try to post more about the trip later-trying to get back into the swing of things, plus my sister-in-law is being induced in the morning:heart:So, off to visit for a while before the grand event!!!


Sorry, I will post more soon- I have a new niece(hurray!!) and have been at work yesterday and today for 12 hours each!!!


I love your TR so far! I can’t wait to read the rest!


Okay, on with the trip report!!
Last year when we went in June we would sleep in and get to the parks around 11-12 pm and spend the day. Wrong choice, as we were getting there in the heat of the day. But, we were on vacation and wanted to sleep. My husband said we would never go again in June because of the heat, but I talked him into it again saying that we would go to the parks early, come back to the resort at lunch time and return to the parks after dinner. We dtuck to this plan most of the trip and it5 made it much more pleasant, considering the temps while we were there!!
Our first fukll day was Monday, June 8th and HS had morning EMH. We grabbed a quick breakfast(are fiber one bars considered breakfast!!!)in the room and headed out. We got to HS about 8:10 am and headed straight to TSM. We grabbed a fastpass and jumped in line since the wait time said 30 minutes, but we only really waited fior about 20 min.!! My family and I love this ride!!!
After TSM we headed to Star Tours since my DS loves this ride. I sat off while the other three went on with a 10 minute wait… For some reason this ride leaves me feeling dizzy!!!:blow:
Next up was Muppet Vision, my DD fav!! Little did I know at the time but I would end up seeing this show7864659677 times in out 2 week stay!!! DD could not get enough of it!! Actually, DH and DS would end up riding Star Tours just as many times!!!:laugh: This was the first trip where we occasionally split up DS wanted to do his fav and DD wanted to do her fav!!
We had 30 minutes to spare before we could use out fastpass so we jumped in line to meet Woody and Buzz!! I love all the fun photo ops while waiting in line!!
We then jumped in the TSM fastpass line and were on the ride in less than 10 minutes----Sweet!!! I think this ride is rigged to give my husband a super high score!!!:laugh:
We ate lunch at Pizza Planet-my kids love it there, and I know that my DD(miss picky!!)will eat pizza. Food was not too bad!! Back to the resort we went to chill out and swim a little!!
We had 5:55 ressie at Tusker House-this was a first for us. It was pretty good-everyone was able to find something to eat. It is just so hard to believe that a buffet for a family of four is $98 plus tip!! Thank goodness for the DDP!!
We spent a few hours in Ak since they had eve EMH. We did not get on EE since the line was about 40 minutes and we knew that we would be back several more times to get a fastpass. My DS and I did Primeval Whirl-it amazes me that Star Tours leaves me dizzy, But this ride did not bother me, except when I rode twice in a row!! Has anyone noticed that the right side is rougher that the left?
Next up was KRR-I stayed off with DD as she refused to go- this would become a trend this trip:glare:!! The boys came off pretty wet and decided to go again!! They had a blast but were pretty wet, so we decided to call it a night!! Great first day!!


Tuesday, June 9th-- MK had Emh in the am so we once again grabbed a quick breakfast in the room and headed out!! We were through the gates about 20 minutes after rope drop and went straight for Splash MOuntain and got fastpasses. We then hopped on the train to Toon Town to check out the lines for the Princesses and Fairies. The lines for the Princesses was 60 minutes and the Fairies line was 90 minutes:eek:!! We decided to wait and try at a later date. We got in line for Goofy’s Barnstormer-another DD favorite!! The line was only 10 minutes:smile:
We then made a quick run through Mickey and Minnie’s houses, but did not wait in the line to meet Mickey, since we knew we had several other opportunities to meet him!!
We headed back over to Splash to use out fastpasses. First up was my DS and I since DD refused to go!!! Refused Splash Mountain—what in the world is wrong with her?? I texted my husband after we got on the ride(only aboutn a 15 min. wait) so he would know when to look for us coming down the hill. He got the best pictures of us coming down the hill and got us waving as we came around the bend after the hill!! And might I add that I barely got wet!!!
Next DH and DS went to use the other fastpasses for Splash. DD and I were waiting for them at the bend after the hill when I got a text from my husband-- they were stuck on the ride!! And not even at aq fun part!! They ended up stuck for 40 minutes!! For their wait they were given a fastpass to any ride in MK!!
We decided on lunch at Peco Bill’s. The place was packed, and they no longer let you get a seat until you have your food. After lunch we headed back to POFQ for some rest and swimming!!]
We had a 5:35 ressie for LTT that we ended up cancelling since we were enjoying the swimming!! We ended up at Boatright’s-poor use of a table service as we were not very happy with it.
Epcot had eve Emh so we jumped on a bus and got right on Spaceship Earth-a ride we all enjoy!! I do not remember too much of what we did but I know that we got on Soarin’-always a fun one!!! Another great day came to an end!!


I agree, my DS loves Star Tours and it makes me a bit dizzy but I love Primeval Whirl. Awesome trip report! I can’t wait to read more.


That’s an odd thing, as if the whole family has to stay near where you buy the food, the lines would be tremendously crowded. We also had a weird thing happen to us while there also. We were in the section to the left as you are heading towards the table area. It was quite full, and the CM kept putting the rope across, blocking the two exit/entrances for that area, while we were in there using it! Every time someone would get up to leave, they would stand there for a second trying to comprehend why they were being roped in. We had a table near the rope, so I kept unclicking it for the people to leave, then the CM would walk back, give me a look and re-click it.