A VERY hot trip


Well we made it back and had a great time although the steamy weather changed our plans some. First off NEVER agin will we travel on Memorial Day weekend, it was bumper to bumper traffic. We left May 28 and it went smooth until we got into TN and experienced 2 accidents that completely closed the interstates for hours. We decided to get off and use our GPS for an alternate route which saved us from sitting in traffic but set us back at least 2 hours and ended up us driving until 12:30am and stopping near Valdosta, GA for the night. It gave us a short 4.5 hour drive Saturday to our condo in Cocoa Beach so it ended up just fine.
We had planned to go to the Star War’s weekend that Sunday but the kids enjoyed themselves so much Saturday at the ocean and with the stifling heat we decided to wait until Tuesday to go to the MK.
We had made plans to meet my second cousin who is a manager at PH DTD at 10:30am and she was going to go to the park with us. I sure love having connections that have passes and it ended up saving us close to $300 so I was very happy(especially after all the condo recorating we did). My DW decided not to go along with us, she doesn’t do well in the heat and humidity. We met Jessica and my 8 year-old DD immediately bonded with her. Mind you she had never met her but it was like they were best friends. We headed off to the MK with the temps already topping 90 and not 11am yet.
The crowds as we entered weren’t bad at all. We took a leisurely stroll down Main St. and got a great pic of my 3 dk’s with the Castle in the background.
We decided to head left at the hub and go to Adventureland as they all wanted to ride Splash Mountain ASAP. We rode POTC first and the sign stated 20 minutes but it ended up closer to 15 or less so it was a great start. Next we continued our walk to SM and the wait was 40 minutes but fastpasses were readily available. It was 2 hours from that time so we decided to eat lunch at Peco’s Bills which ended up being pretty good and more than plentiful. The chicken wrap was big enough for 2 people.
We then went to the Jungle Cruise and again the wait was maybe 15 minutes. Flying Carpets of Aladdin were next and the spitting camels have never felt better with the temps rising by the minute. It was then time to head back to SM and use our fastpasses. Just our luck they were having problems and the fastpass line seemed just as long as the stand-by line at the time. This caused many people to question the fastpass system as we waited in line and I saw something that I hadn’t seen before. Many people were going around the line and were thinking since their fastpass time was past the stated time that they were allowed to go by all the others in line. I bet there could be quite a thread on that LOL. The line started moving and before we knew it we were being loaded and the total wait was less than 20 minutes. All 5 of us loved the ride and the older gentleman behind us by himself was just giddy. Isn’t it great that all ages can enjoy WDW!
We exited and the parade was about to start so we zig and zagged our way to the HM and yes, another short line. I made sure to point out all of the tombstones and tell them some of the background of Madame Leona and even asked a CM to tell the kids about her ring as we waited and to be sure to look at her tombstone so they could see it “look” at them. My 6 year-old DS just loved the ending when the ghost joined us in our Doom Buggy.
Ok, as much as I tried to hide them from IASW we still ended up riding it but with it being closer to 100 than 90 it was a welcome reprieve from the heat.
We then headed over to Fantasyland and they all wanted to ride the Teacups. The line wasn’t bad but a “cleanup” was needed in one of the cups as we waited. Yes, you all know what happened, YUCK. Well the 6 year-old wanted to ride Buzz Lightyear so we headed over to the ride. Again, another 20 minute wait and we all compared scores at the end. Dad won! I could tell the heat was winning so we decided to get ready to head home.
It was one of the shortest times I have spent at the MK but all considered despite the heat one of the best. We grabbed some MM ice cream on the way out and sat and enjoyed it and talked about all that we did.
It was certainly a great trip! Back again in December, can’t wait.


Sounds like a perfect day! The heat can be brutal…but it seems you were able to find a way to tolerate it and still have fun!! Any pictures to share??


great tr thanks for sharing with all of us


One thing to add, I saw a few things that I hadn’t seen at Disney before. Right outside the entrance to the MK there was some work being done along the walkway to the CR and there was a big hole in the grass along with a few tools just left laying in the grass. There wasn’t a CM anywhere to be found and the hole wasn’t roped off or anything. That and the condition of many areas of DTD and some of the info my second cousin gave me were quite eye opening.


I have uplaoded 4 in my pictures so far.


I hate when the heat is that bad in WDW but it never stops me from having fun! I am glad you had fun!

Thank you for sharing!