A Very Merry Trip Report...in pictures!


Oh, how I would love to type out a long, proper TR… but classes are starting soon, and I know a TR in our usual style (that is, the novel-sized TRs that Baloo and I usually produce) would never get finished. But it was such a great trip, I can’t stand to let it go by without some sort of retelling! So please enjoy an abbreviated version of a TR, told in pictures! :happy:

Cast: Me, Baloo, and our two bestest buddies. (we’ll call them Jose and Panchito, as the 2 of them and Baloo have deemed themselves the 3 Caballeros. :laugh:)

[B][U]Day 1 - Tuesday, Dec. 16[/U][/B]
We arrive, check in to our room at Pop Century, and then head promptly to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!!

WE’RE HERE!!! :happy::happy::happy:

The BIG pretty tree.

Turning on to Main Street… almost close enough to see the castle…

There it is!!! (sorry for the fuzzy picture… they get clearer, I promise!)


Love your photo of the castle!!! Can’t wait to see more!

How long were you there??


We got to the MK around 6:00pm, with a very important mission…

… get to the Jungle Cruise before it closes for the party!!!
Closed Jungle Cruise = a very pouty Baloo.

Luckily, we got there with time to spare!
Open Jungle Cruise = a very happy Baloo!! :heart:

It was about a 20 minute wait, so we had some time to burn in line…

Jose and Panchito ponder where to go next.

PJ and Baloo scope out the nearest cookies & hot chocolate station.

“The next group to leave has just arrived!”


[QUOTE=BDavis932;919565]Love your photo of the castle!!! Can’t wait to see more!

How long were you there??[/QUOTE]

Thanks!! :happy: It was that magical “first glimpse” - I have to take that picture every trip.

We were there for 3 amazing days! We did the MVMCP the first night, then Epcot & MGM for the Osborne Lights on Day 2, and then MGM & Downtown Disney on Day 3. It was a great trip… surprisingly not too crowded, except for MVMCP, and we figured that was because we went on one of the last days it was offered.


We got off the Jungle Cruise well before 7:00pm, so just for fun, we headed over to the Country Bears while it was still open. Jose and Panchito had never seen it, so it was fun trying to explain it to them and then seeing their reaction after the show… :laugh:

Panchito’s enjoying himself already.

The stage! I got all into watching the show and then forgot to take pictures at the big finale… :blush:

The peanut gallery. They, um… they could use a little WD-40. You could hear all the clicks and creaks of their moving parts OVER the music of the show. :laugh:


Then it was 7:00pm, and the pary officially started! We did the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain… the lines for the rides weren’t bad at all. Because all the people were PACKED in the walkways. :blink: We had to cling to each other’s sleeves to stay together at some points. After Wishes was without a doubt the WORST crowded moment I’ve ever had in Disney. I’ll save that story for telling with the Wishes pictures…

For now, let’s think of happier things and view some parade pictures, shall we? :happy:

“Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade”

We watched the parade from Liberty Square, standing in a very small area behind the rope and in front of one of the shops. There was probably 5 rows of people in that tiny little space, but luckily everyone in front of us stayed seated, so we could stand and still see from the back.

I didn’t have much luck with the parade pictures - when I put on the flash it wiped everything out, but when I left the flash off things were blurry and grainy. :pinch: But I’ll just share what I have…

Alice & the Mad Hatter greeting our side of the parade route, while Peter & Wendy visit the other side.

The lovely couple. :heart:

Rollerskating snowflakes? I think that’s what they were supposed to be…


Donald & Daisy going for a little sleigh ride.

Chip & Dale chased each other around and threw snowballs! They might have been my favorite ones in the whole parade. :happy:

You can almost see Snow White…

Cinderella’s coach, pulled by ponies! Cute. :happy:


Here come the princesses!

They got their own entourage of dancing courtiers.

Cute little moment. :happy:

Small glimpses of Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Prince Eric, and Merriweather.


Goofy and his crazy candy train thing.

Goofy’s Candy Makers twirl candy canes like batons! EXACTLY like batons!!
(You know, Disney… I was a baton twirler… and I am confident in my potential ability to switch a candy cane for a baton… if you need another Candy Maker for next year’s parade or something. Just saying…)

Pose for that camera, girl! :laugh:

Clarabelle, finishing up a little holiday baking.


Buzz & Jessie lead the Toys section.

Toy Soldiers!! I love them! And we think they actually played these instruments, somehow, or at least the drums.



ok… does anyone else remember some Disney special from probably the early 90s, which used these reindeer costumes? All I remember is that Uncle Scrooge sang some song about Dec. 26 because it was pay day or tax day or something, and everyone else kept correcting him and saying Dec. 25… Anyhoo… these reindeer costumes were in that show, and all the costumes I saw in the castle show were in that show too! Disney’s recycling!! :laugh:

Santa!! :happy:

Fancy float, Mr. Claus!

whew! That’s enough posting for tonight. Much more to come! :mickey:


Oh I :heart: the holiday parade. We saw in the daylight, and it’s so different at night! Sound’s like you had a WONDERFUL time!!


I just saw your TR, and all your parade pictures! It does look really different day vs night. Your pictures were great!! Much better than mine!


Hiya PJ! So glad to see you posting this wonderful TR!!! Hellooooo to Baloo!


Great Trip Report…I love the pictures. I remember the reindeer from a Disney Video my kids watched…I only remember the son “Hip Hop Noel” with dancing reindeer.


great trip report, can’t wait to see more:mickey:


Looks like SO much fun!! Can’t wait to see the rest.


When we were in Disney at Halloween, Val told me to use the High ISO setting for nighttime pictures . . . it worked really well. Try that next time it might help? For everyone I show in my TR there are 3 like it, that are no good, I’m always switching settings to try and figure out the best setting to use. The automatic setting never seems to work for me! :pinch:

Your TR is still great! And it sounds like you had so much fun! :happy:


wup it :heart:famtastic photos:wub:
can’t waite to see more


PJ this is just such a good TR and the photos are lovely. My DH asked me only last night if anyone on MB had posted any Christmas photos so now I can show him these this evening- thanks for sharing