A Very Sad Day


Really rotten news. This is a major loss…

Tony Baxter to transition from being a full-time Imagineer to becoming a WDI consultant


I hope his hourly consultant fee is excruciatingly high and I hope they have no choice but to pay it!
P.S. He’s absolutely right about the Imagination Pavilion.


This is really bad news!

As much as I love Disney and go to WDW every chance I can, I can’t help but notice that some of the charm seems to be wearing off. It is almost like the “heart” of the efforts are missing a bit even though the harnessing of technology, etc is amazing.

Does that make any sense?


Because – to be blunt – given the way that the corporate culture at The Walt Disney Company in general and WDI in particular has changed over the past 20 years, the chances that another Tony Baxter is going to be able to come along and then make that ginormous leap from ice cream scooper to model designer are slim to none.

So very unfortunately true.

But I think I missed something - is he stepping himself down or did they ask him to go part-time?


Well …it seems the IGER performance pay chart gets another…