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Hello Gang,


i know there’s been a lot of questions about DisneyQuest which is located at downtown disney . I just came across a seven part video tour of DisneyQuest So i thought I would share it with you all Enjoy :laugh: :pirate: :mickey: YouTube - Disney Quest Quick Tour – Part 1

YouTube - Disney Dining Food

YouTube - If I had the dining plan

YouTube - Disneyworld Dining 2006

YouTube - Candy Maker at the EPCOT World Showcase


Cool link! Thanks for posting it!


your welcome Dana thought it might help answer some questions:mickey: :mickey:


Yes, definately! I have never been in there…only my DD. That elevator ride is SO cool! I love genie!


have been there many times Dana yes the elevator is a fun ride but it is just the start of the fun in the 5 story building


wow if that’s the only the start, the place must be a blast. No wonder DD can’t wait to get back there. Thanks agian for the link.


Thanks for the link. I love to watch all the videos they have on youtube. Let us know if you find more :smile:


Once again I will say DQ is a winner with the boys!!:smile:


The Laugh Floor Comedy Club on the site of the former Tomorrowland show, The Timekeeper. Guests find the power of laughter in an engaging and interactive new adventure inspired by Disney-Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc.” as they match wits with the one-eyed hero Mike Wazowski and his friends. The attraction is set to debut in spring 2007. Has anyone done this and if you did how was it .The Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor Comedy Club (Teaser)


YES… we loved it! I love how the audience is included in the skit.


I was a little apprehensive about this, but ended up loving it. It’s a really cute show!


We liked it alot!


If you have followed my trip report at all you may have noticed we went to the Laugh Floor A LOT. My son loved it and I bet we saw it at least 3 times every time we were in Magic Kingdom. He wanted to be the child picked and he REALLY wanted my DH to be “That Guy”.

The show is cute and a nice addition to Tomorrowland. We also liked it because the queue was inside and the wait was never much more than one show. We would arrive and get in the pre-show area and have to wait for the show that had just started to end then we would be allowed in so it was never more than a 20 minute wait and that’s nice in the summer.


Yes, we did it. Adults and children all have a great time! You’ll love it.


Loved it all three times we went


We enjoyed it quite a bit too.


we got to be apart of audience participation.


We’ve seen it twice and enjoyed it both times. I’d say it’s worth a look.


Looks cute have to go see it.


Looking forward to it on Sept. Sounds fun from the review on here.