A wait list rant


I have a room at BWV in 8 days, and I wait listed a boardwalk view when I booked (7 mos out) and it still has not come in. I also wait listed BCV, but that hasn’t come in either. I am just a little peeved since this is the 3rd vaca I have put in a wait list request and they don’t seem to come in. I know, beggers can’t be choosers, but I really had hoped… I know, I know, it’s all still Disney, but, I am still disapointed :sad:.

ok, I’m done!


Not sure when your other trips where but i do know this is a busy time at BW and BC as many people to choose to stay there during the F&W festival. This could be why you had no luck. Hope you have a great time anyway!


I understand your dissapointment, totally. We’ve gotten what we wanted from a waitlist twice & the time we didn’t get it I was SOOOO bummed. Although, I was already booked at OKW and ended up liking it there.

It really is timing, how busy the DVC units are booked, luck of the draw, etc.

I’m sorry it didn’t work for you this time. :sad: You’ll have a GREAT trip though!


Where do you own? I fall under “if I known then, what I know now”, I’d would have bought different. I also am waiting on a list. Dec 6 & 8 for either AKV or BCV. Way back way we started all our days at SSR. Then we got 5 days at BCV. We’ve been working day by day waitlisting for more days at BCV. We’ve got a few more nights, but now we are stuck. What is soooooo disappointing, I had a problem a few months ago and after the “we are sorry that happened” speech, the CM said “is there anything else I can do for you”? I said "well, we have a wait list, can you work some magic ha ha ha ". The CM says, “we’ll just have to put some pixie dust on the wait list and see what we can do”. I almost hyperventilated. I told my DH what happened and what MIGHT happened, I was sooooo thrilled. Well, to date, and this is three months later, nothing has happened. :frown:


I own at SSR! We love the resort! I was very reluctant to stay there when we went in December but when we were there we were so in love with the resort, so in that sense I am perfectly satisfied, but the one time we wait listed was to get into Wilderness at Christmas time (yes~ almost impossible, I know!).

This time I am actually staying at BWV, which I am thrilled about, but I would really like a Boardwalk view, but so far nothing! I actually have to call daily now since we are less than a week out! I would have loved to have stayed at Beach Club since we haven’t stayed there yet, but I would be happy to just get the boardwalk view! Oh well, at least I am in BWV and close to F&W action!


I totaly understand:frown:, the resort is almost half the fun.
Throwing luck your way, hope you get the one you really want!


Sorry about the wait list :frowning:
It sucks when it doesn’t work out as hoped. But you will still hve a wonderful time I am positive! Looking forward to hearing all about the trip!


It’s too bad when you have your heart set on something…but if it makes you feel any better we’ve had both Boardwalk views and pool views and standard views - and the one I wouldn’t take again is the Boardwalk. It’s fun to watch Illuminations (although we could also see them from the standard view), but the noise until 2 a.m. every night is really annoying.


I have never had a wait list request come through…until our trip coming up in January. I had wait listed for a standard view 2 bdrm at BWV…when I made the reservation initially all they could offer was Boardwalk view. Because we spend so little time in the room, I didn’t want to waste the points on the view (we’ve had Boardwalk view before), so I wait listed. I was BUMMED when it came through because by then I was envisioning sitting on the balcony with a glass of champagne and people watching!!