A Walk in Walt's Footsteps


Has anyone ever done this tour?

A group of us Disney people are planning on doing this tour during our marathon trip. I’d love to hear from someone who’s experienced it firsthand.

There’s only a quick peek into Club 33. I guess that’ll have to do. :sad:


I did the tour.
I wan’t vert happy with it…though it was cool to see the inside of Club 33.
Our tour guide was kind of a ‘dip’ and I guess since me mom and I are SUCH Disneyland buffs we really knew 98% of the thigns she was saying. No ‘hidden’ disneyland facts for us…but the lunch in the Disney Gallery was pretty nice and a cool Walk in Walts Footsteps pin!
It was okay overall, but there was aLOT of standing around and not able to hear our guide and waiting…not really worth the price to me and my mom.

But maybe good depending on how much you already know about Disneyland…


Yeah…it was okay…had already been to Club 33 so seeing the entrance again was no big thing…but my parents thought it was pretty cool :tongue:


Thanks for your input guys. If this ends up being a unanimous opinion, maybe we should spend our money elsewhere.

Hey Tess, was that the “drip” in the picture? LOL


No! That was just the front desk worker at Club 33
Our leader was sillier :tongue:

If you do end up doing it, just don’t expect too much you know? But it is enjoyable.


What is the special Tiki Room experience?


When I went Tiki was under refurb, and they replaced it with a ride on the Jungle Cruise. It was enjoyable as the JC always is, but our Skipper wasn’t the best one.


I did the tour in summer of 2004. Like Tessa said, it was enjoyable but not earth shattering. It was great for my family since we had never been to Disneyland only WDW, but I knew a lot of the information they gave anyway because I am a Disney maniac.

Our tour guide was also not the best. She was nice enough but not super engaging. Tessa, I saw your picture and I think my guide was actually the person at the desk at Club 33. I will have to look through my own pictures.

Oh, and the special Tiki Room experience was that they take you in there about 5 minutes before the actual show starts and point out a lot about the show and then they hype up the fact that they have a “special guest” there to meet you and it ends up being one of the audioanimatronic orchids - they take it around and give you a peek at the internal workings. It was neat but if you have seen any of the behind the scenes Disney shows that show the audioanimatronic workings, you won’t be that impressed.

Lucnh was yummy and a great location though! And we met some nice people too.



I was lucky enough to have been a guest at club 33 once so that wouldnt be worth the price but how about the fact that was to be walt and roys place, did they show you any pictures or go into that part anymore?