A WDWCS Blog Updated From Stacey Darling?


I know, I know! I’m not even in Disney anymore, but as some of you know I left early due to a family issue. BUT! I am back in business, things have calmed down, everyone is fine! After losing my great uncle, who was like a grandfather to me, (which is why I came home) then my dad having 5 mini strokes this summer (which he has fully recovered from each one, and is doing better and better every day) things are doing well. I am doing well. And I felt I needed to wrap up my experience, in a proper, written fashion!

PLUS. I have a surprise, I am beginning Culinary school in Jan. and after thatttt, I am trying to go BACK TO WDW!!! Next Fall, as a WDW CP CM!!! We’ll see how that unfolds, I know it is difficult once you leave the company, but I left on good terms, as I explain in my blog.

SOOO… here’s the link and I hope all of you enjoy this!!

My Adventure’s On WDWCS!

I’m thinking of renaming my blog possibly, it’s going to mainly be about my efforts with the Disney company. But I think I might add some of my college exerience into it as well. Not sure yet! We shall see! :wub:


Good luck with everything, Stacey! I am so happy to hear that things are getting back on track for you!


Thank you! I appreciate the well-wishing!


Stacey, I’m sorry for the difficult things you and your family have been through, but I’m glad to hear things are looking up. Good luck with culinary school and the CP and I will be eagerly reading your blog along the way! :happy:


Haha, thanks Jill! And I’m so excited for you!!! You seem like you are having an excellent time, which is expected! It’s DISNEY! :]