AAA, Costco, or Small World Vacations? And other questions from a newbie!


Hi there!

I am new to this forum but I can tell that all of you are people I would like to meet - you are just as excited about Disney as I am!

Here are my questions: I am planning a trip to Disneyland in October of 2008.

  1. I am comparison shopping for the trip as we speak. It seems that Costco may have the best deal…does anyone care to weigh in on this? I’ve also looked at AAA and Small World Travel. Any other sources I should know about? Small World Travel actually has the same price as Costco, but Costco includes more “extras.” Not sure if going with Small World would be better because of their reputation and the ability to reach a real person in case I need to?

  2. I’ve got two small children (they will be 3 and 5 at time of travel) - and they go to sleep at 7:30 or so. My husband and I want to get either a suite or two adjoining rooms so that we don’t have to be super quiet from 7:30 pm until we go to sleep. Disney says they cannot guarantee adjoining rooms - would we be better off with a suite? Anyone have any experience with this?

  3. We’re thinking Grand Californian…opinions?

Thanks so much for your help!


Hi foxykendra. I don’t have an answer for you, but I did want to welcome you to MouseBuzz.
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Welcome to MB! I don’t really know anything about Small World Vacations…but…having a real person to talk to should the need arise is priceless! I’d weigh the extras against having someone to help solve any issues should they arrive.

If you def. want to have the extra space…or room, meaning …will it make or break your trip…I’d go for the suite. Unfortunately most hotels…even Disney won’t guarantee adjoining/connecting rooms.

The Grand Californian is beautiful!! I’ve had the pleasure of staying there and loved it!


Hi, Before I was a DVC memeber I always found CSAA package deals as the cheapest. Plus they include a lot of perks, free parking, early admission, etc. I still buy my admission tickets through CSAA.


Welcome to MB…Costco is great! I have booked lots of vacations with them. They do give you ALL the extras. Car rentals are excellent. They also give you extra driver plus some insurance. Good luck


Welcome to Mousebuzz! :wub:

Good to know you are going to Disneyland. There aren’t enough of us West Coasters on this forum… :pinch:

I don’t think you can go wrong with Costco…

I’ve never done the small children thing. The suite’s are a bit more expensive, but if you are looking for a small buffer for noise, worthwhile…

I have yet to stay at the Grand Californian. However, I try to make it a point to stroll through, as well as eat at Napa Rose every now and then.

It is well worth the time if you can afford it. Especially with youngsters, it would make your vacation much more convenient… It’s up to you to decide if they are old enough to appreciate the hotel…


I love Disneyland since I grew up in California. I have stayed at Grand Californian and its just beautiful. The view is wonderful and they really do try to get you the room you need. When are you planning on visiting? I haven’t visited DL with children above the age of 5 months but there were a lot of families with kids at Grand Californian. I would probably just get a suite and play it safe. You don’t want anything to put stress on you during vacation and nothing would be worse than getting there and realizing that the two rooms that they put you in are across the hotel from each other.


Welcome to MB foxykendra . I can’t help with Disneyland but wanted to say Hi and Welcome


First off - Welcome! :mickey:

I have booked vacation junk through Costco before, all went well with me there, I loved it. I havent heard much on Small World so I cant help ya there.

For adjoining rooms, Disney wont guarantee anything as many others said before above me, so I would just go with a suite, its a bit more money but in the end will be well worth what you are looking for and see if any theme park views are available, nothing is more magical to a parent or child then to going to sleep with this view right outside your window! As

As for the Grand Californian - Lovely hotel and its always my first recommendation if you can afford it, it screams absolutely Disney, has a private entrance into DCA and an entrance directly into the middle of DTD and you will just LOVE it!

Have fun and let us all know what you end up doing! :smile:


I of course have to put the plug in for AAA, if you’re not a member yet you should be. The discount can anywhere between 7% and 15 %, depending when, how long and where. The family suite is the way to go, but do you really think you’re getting the little ones in bed by 7:30 pm at Disneyland? LOL


That is very true…at least let the poor kids see the fireworks!! :wink: