AAA Diamond Parking Pass at the Parks


We are purchasing our tix from AAA, $320. for 9 day hopper w/ water park pp. Since we are purchasing tix from them, we automatically get the AAA Diamond Parking Pass.

Has anyone used this and if so, where is the parking, close or not to the main entrance? Also, do the spots get taken quickly?

We are driving down and will most likely be driving to the parks, depending on the crowds.


We have used the AAA Parking Pass at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot and the parking was pretty close. DHS didn’t seem to be as close and we found they were the hardest to get. If you go to rope drop for the parks, then you should be fine in getting a spot! We also like the fact that we could go to MK in the evening and get close parking to the TTC. At least you don’t have to wait on trams to get to the parking lot!


I just found this map. I hope it helps!

WDW AAA Diamond Parking - Google Maps


We have used the Diamond parking pass on several trips and love it! We do take the bus to MK b/c the bus stops are closer than the parking, but at Epcot, DHS, and AK the Diamond parking has worked very well for us. We have only been unable to get into it once when we arrived at Epcot late in the day and it was full. I think it’s closest to the entrance at AK, but it makes parking at any of the parks a little more convenient. All you need to do it hold it up and show it to the parking attendants and they’ll direct you to the correct parking area. They never actually take it from you and look it, you just need to have it handy to hold up and flash at them. Good luck!


The only parking closer than Diamond Parking is handicap. The parking is “blacked out” on special event days. For MK & Epcot, the parking is great, early morning and late afternoon, it is easy to get a parking spot, not too sure about mid-day. HS is closer, but not necessarily the best idea. AK is still closer, but even some handicap is quite far.:huh:

We drive to WDW and prefer to just drive to the parks rather than having to wait for and sometimes cram into a bus. Being that we have a car and a young child, it is easier and more time efficient to just drive to and from the parks. :blush:


I must be doing something wrong. :blink: :laugh:


We totally agree with you on driving. We figure that we must save almost a day not taking the buses when we stayed at CBR. We love that you can just come and go when you want and not have to wait. Works well with the water parks too as they do not have as many buses running to those parks.


Thanks everyone. I feel better now knowing where the parking is located and how easy it seems.

SSR trans is buses only, with the exception of going to DTD so having a car may be the better option in July. We’ll have to see when we get there and decide based on the crowds whether we will use our trans or WDW’s.


In the past when I got a package deal with them I got the parking pass, but in 2009 I purchased just park tickets from them for 8 ppl for 5 days and they made no mention of it. Hmmm I will have to ask them about it when I get tickets for this year.


Make sure you ask. I was not aware until the AAA agent we were sitting with, going over the rental car, told us about it. I even asked her again when I just cancelled the car since we got a new one now. Also, for a 10 park hopper with water park option, an adult ticket was $320.00. She said that included taxes and fees.


I don’t know, did you look at the Google map someone posted above? We had a spot at the front of that red box. We were right by the sidewalk that leads to the AK park entrance, so it was super close for us, and that’s where we’ve ended up twice. Maybe they have another area they use if that one fills up?


Hmmm…I didn’t even realize that they had the parking on the other side of that “street” in with the handicap. We parked near the “back” of that red box and we got there early enough to have parked closer if we had only known. :blink: Will definitely try to park in that other area next time. Thanks


This is Diamond Parking Extra Morning Hours…reserved JUST for me! :laugh:

I think this was at HS.


[QUOTE=rlcarmichael;1079062]This is Diamond Parking Extra Morning Hours…reserved JUST for me! :laugh:

I think this was at HS.[/QUOTE]

That is just awesome!! Thanks for adding to the excitement. Never thought I would be excited over a parking spot LOL!


Pretty sad isn’t it. But even >I< had to do the happy dance at being the first and only one in the parking lot. I mean, how often does THAT happen? :laugh:


And…how many people can actually say they were the first parked in a Disney parking lot!!!


Lots of people can SAY it, but I’ve got the picture to PROVE it! :laugh:

And I’ve got my Diamond Pass. (I buy tickets at AAA then apply the ticket to a DVC member AP when I get there.)


Once you are granted access by the parking attendant at the gate, just follow the colored lines in the road. Epcot’s is located to the left, MK & AK are located to the right… and HS? Well, it just depends on which “gate” you use to enter the park. They are really easy to spot because they are painted on the road…

Diamond locations are best at EPCOT, MK and AK. HS is lame…


We are renting DVC points, staying at SSR and on a wait list for BCV. I found out, here, that we could purchase tickets anywhere and have them put on our key when we get there. So right after check-in, I am off to the Concierge to have the tickets linked to our room keys:blush:


Wow, good tip, I had no idea they would do that.