AAA Discounts for Tickets


Anyone know the rate for discounts through AAA?


They have them at - Disney World Resort Hotel Discount Codes & Deals


Are you talking about park tickets?


Sorry that was for the rooms. I will look for park tickets.


try this link for tickets

AAA - Attraction Ticket Discounts - Disney Tickets


Try here as well… Orlando attraction tickets - Disney World, Universal Studios, Medieval Times, Arabian Nights, Orlando FlexTicket

We’ve used them twice, and I’ve been very happy.



I use them to get my park tickets. The only thing I don’t like is you have to go the ticket window to trade your vouchers in instead of being able to exchange them at your resort. I wish they offerd to exchange them at all Disney resorts.


The thing with AAA park tickets is, each branch offers something a little different. You have to put in your own zipcode to get directed to your local AAA branch and see what tickets they are selling.


Ryser – if you book through AAA and yo uplan to get a car, be sure to ask about Diamond Parking, which will get you close to the gate. It makes a big difference – the Diamond spaces are right up front at TTC, Studios and AK. Honestly, I don’t know how much better they are at EC, but I suspect they are terrific as well.