AAA & Disney Visa Card?


I have AAA & Disney Visa Card. Does anybody know if you can still get discounts in Disney at certain restaurants and stores by showing or using these cards? And can you tell me which places do? Thanks


I would love to know about the AAA perks too.


Well, one perk is they (AAA) like to NOT tell you about discounts, like the free dining.

Sorry, I keep harping on this. I still don’t have a satisfactory resolution with those morons since they won’t call me back.


disney card also offers you interest free time to pay the vacation off…


I got rid of the card because they were miserable when they applied two different payments to one month and would not fix it- they then increased the intrest rate exponentially- So I paid it off and closed it!

I had to ask the AAA agent what the discounts and perks were with AAA and she did not know- she tried telling me that it was the same list of perks that any agent has and the only addition was the storybook thing (lame) so I am a bit frustrated as well- I had to tell her about the differences in the dining plan- I hate knowing more than the “experts”