AAA Membership


Is it worth it to get a AAA membership for our upcoming trip to Disneyland in a few weeks? I know it’s a little late to think of it, since our hotel and car are already reserved at pretty good rates. I guess I’m wondering what else I can get a discount on with the membership…

Any and help/info would be greatly appreciated and used!!! It’s getting really close and I’m getting nervous…like I don’t have enough planned and of course I’m not going to have enough spending $$$… I have put aside $$$ per day for food/gas/parking…but ANY type of savings are ALWAYS a plus!!! Especially since there are 15 of us going!



The only things I can think of it saving you any money on is hotel rooms. We got a $100 room at Desert Palms for $65/night with AAA membership. Granted we also got a free upgrade. I am not sure, but I think if you but your park tix through AAA they are a little cheaper. (never had to buy any though, always had my AP)


Kristina I think the only thing that AAA would do for you at this point is to maybe get you a better discount on your hotel rooms. (Okay, that’s exactly what my husband just said, huh?? :laugh:)

With a group your size, though, it’s definitely worth looking into! Take the discount we got at Desert Palms…if you guys were able to save another $15/night per room, the bucks would add up quick!!!

I’d call your hotel and see if they do a AAA discount…A LOT in the Anaheim area do. If they do, it might be worth it to tack on the AAA discount–or cancel and rebook immediately with the discount if necessary. (I would hate for you to have to do that, but some hotels might be stupid enough to require rebooking?? :rolleyes:) :smile:


Thanks for the input Dnzygrl & Mr. Incredible for the information…I will call my hotel right now to see if the price would be any less… I guess even if I saved $5.00/night I would save the price of the membership cost, and I would be happy! Anything more than the membership is a big PLUS!

Thanks again for the assistance!



okay…I called and I have the cheapest price…ahhh…anything else AAA is good for???


Not unless you need maps, guidebooks, etc. :laugh: Honestly…something tells me you guys aren’t going to drive! LOL

I think hotel discounts are going to be the best perk. So if you already have the cheapest rate, I don’t think investing in the membership is going to save you much on anything else. I haven’t investigated all the discounts possible, but I know that we only used ours for hotels.


No, we are going to be driving dznygrl…we’re planning to go to Sea World, the Wild Animal Park, Knotts, Six Flaggs and maybe Legoland…I know AAA is good to have ‘in case’…


As a FORMER AAA member, I would recommend you becoming one, unless, of course, you feel lucky. The free towing and roadside service pays for itself, and I like to BE PREPARED. It’s a boy scout thing. But if you are running around Southern California, I would go ahead and spend the bucks. They do offer discounts on tickets to all the San Diego stuff as well.

Mahalo! :pirate:


Mahalo to you too…Thanks for the info…I think I’m just going to get the membership…like you said, better safe than sorry… :happy:


Also I believe that you can park either at a reduced rate or for free. When I went in 2002 I could park for free in the parking garage with my AAA card.


Check your insurance company. Many insurers offer everything AAA offers at no extra charge.


Our AAA membership saved us $10 per night at the ASSports in March. They told us that we would have to show our card when we checked in, but we didn’t. (Luckily, because we forgot the card at home). Also, there is a place in the MK in Tommorowland where you can go to a AAA lounge of some kind and get free drinks. Of course, we couldn’t do that because we forgot our card. If you ever want to see what the AAA rates are, you can go to their website and look up the hotel. If you purchase your tickets from AAA (which we did not) you also get a parking pass where you can park in special areas that are close to the parks.


Even when we weren’t getting discounts, AAA saved us on more than one occasion (me locking my keys in the car. :blush:) So I’m glad to hear you’ll have it just in case!


Park for free at where… Disneyland??? :blush:


Ok, I just noticed this was in the Disneyland forum and I was talking about WDW. Sorry!


it’s okay, at least I can do is ask when I get there. right?! :happy: The worst they could tell me is NO…and I would have to pay anyway… :dry:


FYI, nope they don’t offer free parking to AAA cardholders. However, if you book your trip through AAA you’ll get alot more perks! Lanyards, fastpasses, upgraded parking and I’m sure a whole lot more that I didn’t even see or hear about!