AAA still offering discount Park hopper tickets!


I just wanted to pass this on. I finally went to AAA today to get my park hoppers for my upcoming trip and they have NOT increased their already low prices!!! :cool:

I bought a 4 day Park Hopper ticket Adult for $252.00 and
a 4 day Park Hopper child ticket for $218.00

If anyone else needs prices let me know! I have a brochure from AAA travel agency with all the park prices (they also sell tickets to parks all over the US).

Of course you have to be a AAA member!
I also got my 2007 Diamond Parking voucher!!! :cool:


I had my problems with AAA last trip (they failed to give me free DDP) but they straightened out and made me happy. I booked my latest trip through them, too. Great organization, they are.


I like them too but Iam a little annoyed at my agent this year. She is a senior agent (been there many years) and she is sooo busy that she doesnt get back to you at times and when I come in she has trouble finding my file! :glare: All the other agents there are fine, they have helped me when I have come in to make a payment or pick up docs when she was busy or gone for the day and they were very nice! … I had emailed my agent back in Jan or so for park hopper prices and maybe a rental car for my Aug trip (staying at a DVC resort for the Girls Trip) and she never answered me back! I was soo annoyed! Probably because she would not get the commission on just a park hopper ticket but still and all!!! This is the 3rd year that I booked a WDW trip with her and Iam a pretty easy client that Iam very knowledgeable in Disney.


This is my first time using AAA to book a trip. I have to say that our travel agent has been amazing!!! She’s patient, knowledgable and very nice. We’re no strangers to Disney, so it wasn’t so bad booking our trip, but we added my 2 brothers and their families and she handled them and changes they made with ease. So far we’re really happy with them.


I have AAA also but costco always has much better prices on rental cars through Alamo plus they give you an additional driver at no extra cost You don’t need to be a member either.