AAA Unlimited Fast Passes


I read that if you book a package with AAA at a Disney resort (in CA), you can get their unlimited fast passes. Has anyone ever booked this package? How do the AAA package deals compare to the AP rates? I was thinking of getting the AP, but if I could get a good AAA rate, the unlimited fast passes would be priceless for trip during Thanksgiving. :cool:


Unlimited FastPass…as in…the things you get when you stick your ticket into a machine that tells you when you come back for your ride time?
wow…ive never heard of that…for DL or WDW…it’s sounds AWESOME…what a trip that would be. You could do EVERYTHING


That sounds fantastic! I wonder if that is true. WOW!!


I know! I just read about that the past few days. You can get a fast pass for every ride at the same time, as if the machines were not connected. How cool is that? You have to book the package with AAA and stay at a Disney hotel. From what I have read, they used to offer it if you just purchased the tickets with them. Then they changed it to packages only. Now they have it for packages at a Disney resort only. I wish AAA had the same deal for WDW.


Me too! I would be in heaven!!
But hey–maybe this is an excuse for that long awaited trip to mecca?


I have read about it in more than one place. It’s almost too good to be true.


Hey, my thoughts exactly!!


Don’t mean to burst any bubbles, but…here comes my pin…

I don’t see how this is possible, unless they have special barcodes. That is what the machines read each time you get a fastpass. The only thing I see that link says about fastpasses is that you can get multiple fastpasses at one time. Which is true-if you time it correctly, but that is possible with ANY pass. DW and I have had up to 2 or 3 passes at a time and we have APs. I think AAA is just using this as a creative advertising tactic.

I just don’t think Disney would risk some kid taking all the passes for one attraction, because he could get “unlimited” passes. IMHO.

But, I could be wrong. :smile:


Wow – sounds a lot like the Universal “go to the front of the line” policy. Sounds a bit unfair, but a good marketing tactic for AAA, nonetheless… .


I have to agree with Mr. Incredible. AAA makes it sound much more lucrative than it really is. Fast passes at DL give you a pass which is good a couple of hours (give or take) from the time you request the pass, same as WDW. You walk up to the attraction, stick your ticket in, and get a fastpass in return. Then you leave, and (maybe), come back later to ride the ride.

AAA’s deal allows you to request multiple passes for multiple attractions with one request - such as say, for Space Mountain, Matterhorn, Small World, Buzz, etc etc.

What it is NOT is a “front of the line” pass. You still have to go and request the pass(es) and come back at a later time. It’s not a free for all pass where can just walk up into the Fastpass line. The catch is that you may wind up with Fastpasses all with return times for multiple attractions within the same time period. You can’t be in four places at once.

Nice try AAA, but it’s not as rosy as it seems.

Mr. Incredible - it’s possible if the AAA package tickets have a different barcode, as you said, and one Fastpass machine reads that and prints Fastpasses for multiple locations. I’m not sure that’s exactly how it would work, but that’s my best guess.


At Disneyland Paris last Christmas, we stayed at their premium hotel and received a VIP Fastpass which meant that we could just go through the fastpass line any time we wanted. We didn’t need to go to the machines, just showed our ticket each time. No time limits or anything. Just keep on going round. Better still, if the fastpass machines weren’t operating (as was the case with R&R Coaster) we just got off the ride, showed the pass and got straight back on at the exit. These passes were worth the price of the whole trip on their own! :smile:


This is how Universal handles it for resort guests.


Wow, I wish they had a VIP fast pass at WDW, how cool would that be! My DH always says that he thinks only people staying on disney property should be allowed fastpass, it would be a great perk for onsite guests.


If that was the case. Anyone that goes to WDW during peak time would be crazy not to buy from AAA. Thanks for the info.



Do you guys realize that there are almost 30,000 resort rooms on Disney property, well, when they finally complete the other half of Pop. I like that Disney allows everyone to utilize them, what gets me though, is you still see people standing in that hour or longer wait time line. I just want to ask them, as I cruise past, are you guys nuts? :wacko:


If “ifs ands or buts” were candy and nuts, we’d all have a merry Christmas…



The fast system is great though it would be even better if it was only for onsite guests.
As for this AAA package. Wow!
As for the front of the line cutters, well that should be just for the make a wish foundation kids.


Is there REALLY a Fastpass advantage for AAA members? I booked thru Mousketrips, but I’m using my AAA discount.


Please note this is not valid at Walt Disney World in Orlando. The unlimited fast passes by AAA is only valid at Disneyland with a purchase of one of their packages. This was available through anyone last year by booking through Disney Travel Company, but due to legal issues with resellers, they can only offer it for one year, and then either have to discontinue the offer or give it to one reserller and only one. So, it went to AAA, since they are by far the biggest. This year, the perk is the Toon Town Madness.

While you do get unlimited fast passes, there are only a certain number of rides it is on. I agree, during busy times, it would be great. Yesterday, the park was empty, so it would have been useless. Why get a fast pass for 2 hours out when the line is 30 seconds long?


This is for Disneyland, however.