AAA vs Mouseketrips


I’m new to the whole Disney Trip planning so forgive me. I’ve been to Disney several times as a kid, but the planning was left up to mom and dad. Now I have to do it! :blink:

I recently inquired about a package deal from Mouseketrips and got, what I believe are some very good prices. We are also members of AAA and received an invitation to attend a “virtual” tradeshow. The event was interesting, however I hope they don’t catch on since I’ve been in the “reality” tradeshow industry for over 20 years. But I digress.

AAA was pushing the deals you can get from them over and over, but I received their quote and it’s quite a bit higher for the room and tickets, but the dinning package was WAY cheaper. Overall the difference in price was still over $800. I was just wondering why a travel agent can beat the prices of AAA for room and tickets, but just the opposite for dinning.

Can these items be purchased separately or is the package the package? I haven’t actually asked that question yet. Just wondering. I don’t want to undercut my agent by any means, but the cost differnce is substancial.



I personally would go on to Walt Disney World Resort and price the exact package that you have been quoted on and compare. Disney has that great offer of buy 4 nights get 3 with also a $200 gift card at sometimes. I have always just booked straight through Disney and will always continue to. I do receive the emails from - Disney Discount Source - Disney World Discounts, Disneyland Discounts, Disney Cruise Discounts with discount codes and that should be of help to you as well.


Mouseketrips is the parent company of MouseBuzz, by the way –

Because Mouseketrips specializes in Disney travel, they may have opportunities that other TAs, including AAA, don’t have. Different TAs do seem to have different options.

We have traveled both ways – putting the pieces together ourselves, and using a TA. We have had a TA put together a great-priced package, and we have had a TA put together a package for us that was out of control expensive. You have to compare TAs, the deals you can get and then invest in the option that saves you money.

If you have discount codes through work, or special hotel memberships, etc., or if you have time to really scout all the deals out there, you might be able to put it all together for a great price yourself.