AAAAGGGGGHHHHH ! Mickeys Dream along with mickey (pics)


YES !!
It is finaly here !!
Look !!! :ohmy: :eek: :ohmy: YEEEEHAAA !

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i know i can’t wait to see it next week. And i love Dream along with Mickey.

i:heart:Dream along with Mickey.


It looks fantastic !!
I can’t wait either ! !

ME 2 !!! :heart: :heart:
even though i have not saw it yet ! :huh: :laugh:

It looks colourful,bright,energetic !
And just everything about it !! :heart: :wub:


Those costumes look beautiful!


Yeah its great to see them all matching !


i saw the pictures and they are so cute.


Those are beautiful pictures! Thanks, Pluto.


Wonder what Its like !:pirate:
Can’t wait till Rowdys report !!


wow I agree … looking forward to Rowdys report!


i want to see rowdy report also.

looks great too, I am so excited too.

i can’t wait to see Dream along with Mickey in person.


Looks great, I am so excited!


Hey look at this show !:ohmy: :eek: :laugh: :laugh:

Dream Along With Pluto
The fantastic new castle show starring Pluto , Mickey , Minnie , goofy and a bundle more of you pals!
Join pluto as he shows his dreams they come to life !:laugh:


OMG what AWESOME pictures! Wish I had that camera!!!


We saw part of it!
Here’s a glimpse… yes that’s malificent in the back too!!


oh thanks for posting the link of the pics to the new castle show. it looks wonderful!! i would love to see it in person.


i can’t wait to see it next week in disneyworld.

me too i can’t wait to see.


I can’t wait to see it !


WOW ~ can’t wait to see it!!


I am just sooo excited to see it all!