Aaaarrggg! A Pirate Trip Report!


Okay Here It Comes: My first ever trip report…bear with me!!

March 24 - April 7th, CBR, Pirate Room!!:pirate:

DH, DS6, DD4, DD2, DM, DF, and me!!

I’ll give you a brief itinerary, and hopefully be able to load some pics over the next few days. Our camera unfortunately did not survive the trip (never let a 4year old hold a camera on the beach) our camera literaly “bit the dust” and now is permanantly embedded with sand.

Day One:

We arrived at Orlando Airport in the early evening and were wisked away on the ME to the CBR. I had been unable to log into the online check-in (when I called Disney told me that the program had been launched w/o any technical support so it was working for some and not for others, luck of the draw I guess) but there was no-one in line so I was hoping for a quick check-in anyway.

We did run into some trouble at check-in. They were unable to give us main floor rooms, as we requested, and the buildings don’t have elevators so we were stuck lugging our strollers up a flight of stairs. And they didn’t give us the connecting rooms that I had called that morning and verified, so our check-in was delayed and we were disgruntled. Anyway, after some searching she was able to locate two other connecting rooms on the ground floor that would be available in two days. Reluctantly we accepted our rooms as they were for now and off we went.

The Pirate rooms are awesome (I will attach a pic or two) and I definately recommend them to anyone who loves pirates as DS does. The only downfall is that they are located in Trinidad South, quite a walk from the main building and as luck would have it we were the absolute furthest building away. It took us approx 15-20min (depending on the speed of the kids) to walk to the main building. The up-side is that it is very quiet and there is a beautiful beach with playground equipment that hardly ever has anyone on it.

There seemed to be a problem with our room when we entered. The carpet was soaking wet. Not just a bit, but the whole carpet was soaked. We didn’t realize until DD4 sat down to take her shoes off and soaked her bottom. By now it was 8pm and we just wanted to get some food and get the kids to bed so we hoped by morning it would have dryed out. Unfortunately the whole three days/two nights we were in that room, the carpet was still wet and it actually made the room feel really damp and muggy. It was more humid in the room than outside. When we switched to our main floor room I mentioned the problem and they thought maybe a leak in the air conditioner or something.

Anyway, a bit of a rough start on Day One, but the trip definately picked up after that!!

Stay tuned for Day Two…oh yes, and some pics!!:mickey:


Can’t wait to hear more. Sorry you got off to a rocky start. I hope the trip improved.


Great start! Welcome Home.


YEAH!!! A new TR ,you are off to a great start, can’t wait to read more and see your pictures. Sorry about your room and the rough start:happy:


Looking forward to reading your report, how odd about the carpet.


Wow! Can’t wait to see pictures . . . we are staying in a Pirate room over Mother’s Day weekend!! :pirate:


Woohoo, another report. I am excited.
I would have mentioned that carpet problem right away. How awful.


Wow you did have a rough start!! I hope your trip got better!


YAY! Another TR! Sorry for the rocky start. I hope it gets better! Can’t wait to hear more. I also can’t wait to see pics of the Pirate Rooms!


Yeah! I was hoping for a pirate report - love those rooms! Keep it coming!


Yay! I am so excited about a TR at CBR as my family is planning a visit there this fall. :mickey:


Aahh man I was hoping to read more! :mickey:


Love the TR but was sorry to hear about the carpet, that must have been uncomfortable- can’t wait to read the rest.


Looking forward to the pics of the pirate room. Sorry about the carpet. Did you mention it to management and have someone take a look?


Can’t wait to read and see more. Sorry day 1 wasn’t a good start.


Yay for a CBR TR! Bummer your start wasn’t very “Disney”. Can’t wait to read more about your long stay!


Looking forward to seeing your pics and the pics of the pirate room. Sorry about the room difficulties. I thought you were going to say that the carpet was wet because they shampooed it. Thumbs down to a leaky AC unit.


Yea, another trip report! What a rough start, I hope things got better after you moved to the other room. I would love to see some pictures.


Okay, as I’ve been swamped upon my return to work, and you’ve all been so patient, let me see if I can figure out how to post some pics…


Okay, that looks like it worked okay, I’ll see if I can post some more pics of the Pirate Room…

The rooms were a lot of fun, I would love to see Disney do more themed rooms in different resorts. It added that extra bit of Disney magic to the room. The kids had a great time steering our ships…I mean our beds!